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2019 R14 Sun - Roosters 38-12 Bulldogs @ SCG

Round 14: Roosters v Bulldogs

  • Draw after Golden Point

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The momentum of his arm being promoted forward got him over the line....

He clearly extended his arm. Clearly the ball only got over the line due to the extension. When he curls his arm back up it goes back behind the try line (and yes, he is knocked back then too, but it is obvious his arm extension creates the try as it is only really his arm over the line). His arm clearly hits the ground before the line.

All this means that momentum is irrelevant (as it wasn't enough to carry his body over the line, where the ball was originally tucked). I can't see how the bunker can look at that in detail and focus on the one thing that does not matter to the decision.

TLDR: What Exsilium said