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2020 R19 Thu - Rabbitohs 16-26 Bulldogs @ ANZ

Round 19: Rabbitohs v Bulldogs

  • Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs

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Post Whore
Exactly right. I fell for it live but I'm 4 beers deep on my phone. First replay I saw, I edited. Y post. Can't understand how so many people can get it so wrong.

And still have the hide to bag the bunker.

It was still wrong for mine, and the still doesn't show the full story. He hits his shoulder and the force of it snaps Lewis' head into his shoulder and then his head slams into the turf when he falls.

I don't believe we should be sending blokes to the bin for that. It's not even like a falling player being hit high.

And worst of all the one man advantage gave LU false hope of a Broncos spoon....that's the biggest crime of the whole thing


LeagueUnlimited News Editor
Staff member
Shoulder to shoulder first contact in a tackle. Great hit.

Certainly looked a great hit live and even if the very first contact hit the shoulder, it still bounced up to the head. Su'A took the risk and it didn't pay off.
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