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2020 R19 Thu - Rabbitohs 16-26 Bulldogs @ ANZ

Round 19: Rabbitohs v Bulldogs

  • Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs

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Post Whore
When the Broncs are looking down the barrel of their first ever wooden spoon, I'm very sure they'll get their shit together. No squad wants to be part of that kind of historical infamy, and I'm sure the fear motivation will get them over the line.

Milfdud deserves a spoon the useless tub of lard!

We are the worst team


Yea, I'd hate to dump shit in everyone's bukkake but i can seriously see us getting towelled by the Drongos next weekend. As motivated as we can be, as better than them as we are this year, we just have that type of hopeless in us.
Hope I'm wrong
The only answer is to concede 50 in front of your home fans tonight.