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2020 Top 30

Discussion in 'Penrith Panthers' started by Panther Mick, Aug 19, 2019.

  1. franklin2323

    franklin2323 Referee

    Aug 6, 2008
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    Which is the exciting part the spine could be the best... could also go the other way but cap space can be used
  2. Panther Mick

    Panther Mick Juniors

    Jan 19, 2015
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    Down to 29 now

    This is the current top

    1. Caleb Aekins
    2. Nathan Cleary
    3. Dylan Edwards
    4. James Tamou
    5. Kaide Ellis
    6. JFH
    7. Mitch Kenny
    8. Viliame Kikau
    9. Spencer Leniu
    10. Moses Leota
    11. Jerome Luai
    12. Josh Mansour
    13. Liam Martin
    14. Tyrone May
    15. Brent Naden
    16. Billy Burns
    17. Brian To'o
    18. MWZ
    19. Isaah Yeo
    20. Api Koroisau
    21. Dean Whare
    22. Jack Hetherington
    23. Jed Cartwright
    24. Stephen Crichton
    25. D Blore
    26. Matt Burton
    27. B McGrady
    28. Kurt Capewell
    29 Zane Tetevano

    Development contracts: Daine Laurie, Shannon Harris, Glenn McGrady, P Hollis, Charlie Staines.

    Possible rookies that might get promoted or receive a development contract:

    Gains: Api Koroisau.Kurt Capewell, Zane Tetevano.

    Upgraded to top 30.
    Dean Blore, Stephen Crichton, Braydon McGrady, Matt Burton (upgraded from development contracts)

    Losses: Maloney, DWZ, Blake.RCG, Katoa,Tyrell Fuimaono, Nick Lui-Toso, Paea Pua, Hame Sele, Frank Winterstein, Grant, McKendry. Egan.Shawn Blore

    Some players can play more than 1 position but for now the first preferred positions are.

    FB: Edwards, Aekins
    Wing: To'o Mansour, MWZ
    Centres: Whare, Naden Crichton, B McGrady.
    Halves Cleary, Luai, Burton, D Blore
    Front row and Locks: Tamou, JFH, Leota,Tetevano, Leniu, Hetherington, Ellis
    2nd rowers: Kikau, Capewell, Martin, Yeo, Burns, Jed Cartwright,
    Hookers: Korosiau, Kenny
  3. franklin2323

    franklin2323 Referee

    Aug 6, 2008
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    I saw Staines in one of the Training videos. He must be in the 32

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