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2021 Game I - NSW 50-6 QLD @ QCBS Townsville

Series: NSW v QLD

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It's not unpopular - it's been proven year after year after year. The bloke can't tackle.

Gags - the only player in 71 years to let his opposition winger scored 6 tries around him.

Torn apart yet again at Origin level. Unable to lay a finger on his opposite. No Simple Jack playing in the centres this year.

Calls for Capewell to be replaced... if Gags is such a gun centre then put him on Turbo. Should towel him easy!
The NRL media and even a lot of fans go on about Gagai's "Origin form" and it's one of those things where I feel like I am living in some kind of alternate universe.

How many times have you seen Qld lose and thought "You know what, Gagai really stood up for them tonight. He could've won them the game"?

I believe that the myth about Dane Gagai being "Made for Origin" stems from when he first got picked out of a struggling Knights team. Suddenly he was surrounded by actual talent who could regularly get him into scoring positions and what do you know, there he is linking up on the end of a champagne backline to run 10 metres and score. Status= instant Origin hero.

No sour grapes, mind you. Ethan Lowe sadly got just one chance to play for Qld, but in a beaten side he could well have turned the game (and the series) for them that night. That's a guy who stood up for Origin. You could say the same about Sean "golden point" Timmins back in the day. But Gagai? It has far less to do with this supposed "Origin form" and far more to do with it fitting The Narrative (TM) that agrees with Queensland State Of Origin kayfabe.
With the 3 Queensland teams so far down the ladder I can't see how they will improve much in the next 2 games. If nothing else Coates is a massive liability in defence and should be dropped for the next game but I can't think of anyone who is a standout to replace him with. Even with Papallii back and Welch staying on the field for a whole game I don't think QLD have the cattle to go with NSW in the forwards which just opens it up for their team full of in form backs.



No. Hope I'm wrong but after that display just don't think QLD have the players to defeat NSW this year. Munster and Grant will be better if they stay uninjured and get some game time but if NSW play like that for the next 2 games I can't see where QLD get the players from to stop them. Moving Capewell out of the centres and into the back row would be a start but if Gaigai does have a broken hand that's two centres they have to come up with.

QLD need more depth and the second Brisbane team should provide a few more players to pick from but that is still a few years off unfortunately.