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2021 Grand Final: Panthers V Souths


Hi Guys. I'm on the bus. Let's start the party.
I reckon people under estimated the Eels and how good Penriths performance last week was. That was a mighty game and the quality was higher then today.
Storm couldn't match the Eels and that was without their best forward RCG. Since they've had a few easy games against Sharks and Manly.
The 6 x games prior to finals have not been easy win.
I reckon Panthers will blast Souths off park. They should of blasted the Storm but played a little timid.
We left a few points out there thanks to Edwards cutting back inside instead of simply sending it out wide. The GF will be nowhere near as tough as tonight's match. Souths to be really against it IMO.


Holy hell, here we are.

That was fairly unwinnable and we did it.

Many decisions around injuries. To'o and Edwards are playing busted. JFH carrying injury, but is Leota ready to come back in?

Going to be a huge week.
Leota's injury I think is a twinge. Should be good to go next week. There have been howlers that players should have been missing games in this finals series, but were overlooked. If Cleary is rubbed out, we should storm NRL HQ with rotten eggs...if hand grenades are not available.🤣



Could all be out. Fish and tpj fid not look good at all. Hopefully pete green and co begin working around the clock immediatley on those 3 and edwards and brian.
They will be good, Very little actual training happens in GF week

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