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The Game 2021 Judiciary Charges

How many weeks for Mitchell

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First Grade
Martin's crusher was nothing but Yeo getting off is disgraceful call. I'm a broken record but having just missed Koloamatangi for 2 weeks for something far less innocuous (Angus Crichton also copped similar).... Must be finals time
No surprises here.

As Wayne pointed out in his presser, Karen used to work for the refs.

Just goes to show how shit Karen is even with all the leg ups from her former employer 🤣


First Grade
having just missed Koloamatangi for 2 weeks for something far less innocuous
That's a double negative old mate, meaning the Kolo one was worse. I didn't see that one, but there was nothing in the Yeo one. I do think a major rethink of crusher tackles needs to take place at season's end. They are very frequently unavoidable, very frequently milked, and no-one seems to be getting injured from them for any longer than it takes to blow a penalty.
Yeo is a nice guy and not a dirty player. I don’t think that tackle should be suspended (I’ve said on here many times that the only crushers that should be suspended are those where the guy comes down on the neck), but it has been a 200 point crusher all year long. He and the Panthers are very lucky.

It is the lack of consistency that gets everyone p!ssed off..


I watched the Junior Paulo "shoulder charge" and aside from being about 40kgs heavier, it is no different to the one Cleary got away with

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