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2021 Preliminary Semifinal V Storm


First Grade
Hope Naden gets a run he was outstanding on the weekend .i think kikau will play .edwards will play .too not sure can not risk him playing if not right .we know Kenny was gone

This is my thinking Kiks plays, Edwards plays, May in place of Kenny. To'o if not OK leave Naden there, he won't let anyone down.


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We are definately banged up, I doubt its a ruse. And if it were then I doubt the Storm fall for it.


First Grade
We are definately banged up, I doubt its a ruse. And if it were then I doubt the Storm fall for it.

Doubt it too. Apparently the Storm have not been able to field their full strength team all season - always someone injured or suspended, but this week may be the first time. Just our fking luck.


Kenny was seriously injured. It took 2 trainers to get him off the field. Annesley also said at times the assessment can be done without training getting to the player. Kenny was writhing around in dreadful pain. The suggestion that the injury wasn't serious is laughable.
To be fair, Fergo was writhing around in pain too before the whistle went. You can’t be sure without the assessment.

We did the wrong thing and didn’t follow the rules. The officials let us get away with it. Things go for you in a game and against you.


Ivan needs to risk it for the biscuit this weekend.

Would love to see tpj spend time on an edge. Or more specifically him and kikau lined up together in the backline for plays close to their line.

Giving luai or nath an option to hit either big man out wide will stretch their defence and cause havoc.

They wont be able to just stack up on kikau. Id love to see both kiks and tpj steaming on to it out wide and luai or nath can pick the kost isolated one to hit.

Tpj has been brilliant but imo he should be given a roving role in attack and not just pigeon holed into a middle.

Hes the best offloader in the comp and we will need every bit of it this weekend. Will be much easier for him to get some 2nd phase going out a bit wider than into there huge pack.

They could look at moving marto to the middle and letting tpj play edge in attack.

I just think having tpj on an edge coukd be what we need to break them down. Stretch them on the left through a barnstorming kiks, than go straight back to the right edge and hopefully get tpj one on one with munster.

Cleary must be brave and try something because we wont win another grind imo. We need to blow them off the park like they do to teams.


Would love to see tpj spend time on an edge. Or more specifically him and kikau lined up together in the backline for plays close to their line.
get tpj one on one with munster.
this !!! Would be scary good if it works


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To’o was walking around freely before the game on Sat night. The moon boot is either a precaution to maximise the prospect that he plays, or a ruse.
To'o in a moon boot. Kenny on crutches. Edwards and Kikau hobbling. Seems like a Queensland camp in the leadup to Origin. They paraded them all in front of the cameras too.

Gus says when weak, you feign strength, and when strong you feign weakness.
Momo ain’t going anywhere lads. I doubt anyone is unless injured or returning from injury. Defensively we’re rock solid at the moment.

Critta still needs to look for the ball. Or Cleary needs to get him involved in some plays. Would love to see Momo and Critta swap roles during the game but it doesn’t seem to be in the script for whatever reason.

f**k I was resigned to the fact we lose next week. Now i feel the spirit of the underdog rising.

Katoa in for Kenny.
You had me barring up for a moment there……

…..until I read the last line 😂😂
These people can often tell the nature of an injury by the mechanism by which it occurred. Parra weren't going to score against us. Their only score was from a very lucky bounce in the 10th minute.
That’s the amusing part about this whole debacle.

Every single Parra fan who is whingeing about the ref call on this is 100% certain that they would’ve scored a try in the ensuing play.

They’re basing an alleged “near certainty’ purely on a sliding doors moment.


Melbourne don’t like being bashed up the middle and they don’t like chasing points. They are very good front runners.

Bash the shit out of them in the middle and score early.


The problem with our game when it matches up with Melbourne is they can blow the doors off against the run of play at the drop of a hat. Spend 30 minutes belting them up the middle and winning field position and suddenly Grant is on fresh as a daisy, straight through the middle and Paps is under the sticks in our rear vision. Pressure gone.

Absolutely they are front runners though and haven’t been properly tested when out under pressure. We 100% need a couple half chances to go to hand early so they can’t play the game on their terms. Down at half time, smashed up the middle, no Cameron Smith to steady the ship and the pressure of choking this phenomenal season away will come into pla

Agree with some other posters that we need to take some more risks than usual. Ivan has been playing around with set plays and different deployments of our weapons all year. Time to pull them out again.

We know how to beat Melbourne and have the tools to do it. Taking our chances is 100% the question mark.