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2021 QRL Intrust Super Cup Discussion


Your colts side is tremendous as well. Hopefully see some rewarded by signing with other NRL clubs instead of the Broncos ignoring them.

You get the feeling that the Academy they set up a while back is starting to pay dividends. It hasn't seemed to matter who goes up into the Q Cup side this year, they all go pretty well.


An outstanding player, a good person and a role model – Mitch Cronin was someone special to have at your club.

This Sunday, the two clubs that played a huge role in developing Cronin into one of the most successful players in the Intrust Super Cup will play for the Mitch Cronin Memorial Cup, to celebrate the life and legacy of one of the most popular players in the competition.

See: https://www.qrl.com.au/news/2021/06...al-player-in-mitch-cronin-memorial-cup-match/