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2021 R12 Sun - Newcastle 18-10 Manly @ McDonald Jones

Round 12: Newcastle v Manly

  • Newcastle Knights

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Staff member
And Crokers "crusher " on Fitzgibbon was a penalty ?

I got a secret to tell ya. 99% of crusher penalties are absolute nonsense, including that one. Manly deserved more set restarts no doubt though.

3. Keppie
2. Cummins
1. Da boys for trying harder and playing better than most weeks

This Year?

I enjoyed the tenseness of that 2nd half. It reminded me of when I was drinking with a girl that I had a huge crush on at 17 years old.
If only the girl had 2 sin bins and had racked up a penalty count then I would have been as happy as the Knights fans would have been today.