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2021 R6 Fri - Newcastle 26-22 Cronulla @ McDonald Jones

Round 6: Newcastle v Cronulla

  • Draw after Golden Point

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So what happened to this notion that the Knights had the team to contend but just needed someone who wasn't Nathan Brown and also a Trent Robinson clone to take them the next step? O'Brien is following Mooks Kearney coaching trends at this stage...

Clone is never sy same level or the original ; unless the knights have a FAR superior roster to the storm all knights will be a buch or plodders
The problem with NRL is all the Bellamy clones fooling the NRL to hire them

This Year?

You know what kind of a game it's been when Kurt Mann was the best half on the field.
But still it will go down as a gritty contest due to the closeness. Happy for the Knights and seeing Friz with more offloads in 1 game than 1 year for Saints made me smile.
Sad for Kennedy though. If he ever gets to play with a decent 5/8..