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2022 High Rollers Fantasy League

Team is a complete mess atm 0-2 & last already Njoku goes off on my bench after starting the season with 2 dud weeks, usually reliable Renfrow is out concussed & Mike Evans gets himself suspended :(

I still think you'll get me this week. CMC is due a big week and I already had two of my best players play with mediocre results.


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With the Bills v Bengals incident in the final (1 v 2) the decision was made that players from that game would receive their week 18 score as part of this game. Furthermore, Bilks agreed to allow Derrick Henry's zero score to be replaced by Rex Burkhead's score (i.e. 4).

Week 18 scores
Chase = 22.6
Allen = 24.3
Knox = 10.3
Bills D = 22

Final score
The unflushables = 81.85 + 4 + 24.3 +10.3 + 22 = 142.45
Napolean's = 116.5 + 22.6 = 139.1

Final standings
1 - Unflushables
2 - Napolean's
3 - Marauders

Thanks again everyone for another fun season, see ya'll next season!
Thanks for running this again, mate. My favourite league.

My mood on Mondays through spring and summer is dependent on good results in this league haha.

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