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2022 NRL ratings


Out of interest are the Kayo numbers that have come out live or overall after a certain period? I know I very rarely watch a live game these days since I got Kayo.

Reported Kayo numbers are live.
BVOD (9NOW) comes live if released by Nine, but consolidated 7 and 28 day releases through oztam and voz (although voz is only a top 20 for the week and sport very rarely makes it - Origin/GF, some finals.


TV Ratings

With an average viewership of around 912,000 per game, including an FTA average of 512,000 and a Fox Grp average of 474,000 - the Broncos are by far the most watched team of either the NRL or AFL by quite the margin.

2-4th most watched teams in 2022 were AFL sides. The Western Bulldogs (780k with a 406k/343k split), Pies (765k - 445k/384k) and Tigers (756k - 481k/345k). Souths and Panthers only other teams averaging over 700k per game.

NRL clubs have the top 5 average FTA viewerships - although some are based on very limited games. Broncos (512k), Seagles, Souths, Melbourne and Panthers. Richmond the top drawing AFL club average on FTA with 481k.

9 Melbourne AFL clubs rate better on Seven in Melbourne, than any Sydney or Brisbane club in their respective cities. (Geelong is a Melbourne club for ratings purposes). These clubs averaged 240k on FTA in Melbourne alone. Sydney based clubs average 162,000 per game on Nine.

The Swans average 55,000 viewers in Sydney this year. The Lions average 44,000 in Brisbane. The Storm average 29,000 in Melbourne (from limited matches - all on GEM), and GWS average 27,000 in Sydney.

On Fox set top boxes and Fox Group ratings, 14 NRL clubs outrate the top AFL club, with the Broncos leading the way at 256k, while Collingwood is the only AFL club with a set top average over 200k.

Broncos, Eels, Storm, Tigers and Panthers make up the top 5 for the NRL, while the Pies, Blues, Cats, Tigers and Bulldogs are the top 5 AFL clubs on Fox.

no graphs for TV ratings are permitted by orders of Oztam. Sorry, theres some very pretty graphs too lol.

TV ratings data is sourced from Oztam/Regtam, Total tv and consolidated tv reports. Kayo and Fox group data is estimated from media reporting, thanks primarily to @TV_Blackbox Unfortunately I cannot link the data used.

Club Fox STB
Brisbane, 256,000
Parramatta, 254,000
Melbourne, 252,000
Wests Tigers, 239,000
Penrith, 238,000
South Sydney, 238,000
Sydney, 234,000
Manly, 226,000
Canterbury, 225,000
Nth Queensland, 221,000
Canberra, 217,000
St George, 214,000
Cronulla, 212,000
Gold Coast, 211,000
Newcastle, 198,000
New Zealand, 194,000

Club FTA
Brisbane, 512,000
Manly, 497,000
South Sydney, 494,000
Melbourne, 485,000
Penrith, 484,000
Sydney, 468,000
Melbourne, 463,000
St George, 449,000
Gold Coast, 441,000
Parramatta, 440,000
Newcastle, 440,000
Nth Queensland, 437,000
Cronulla, 432,000
Canterbury, 412,000
Wests Tigers, 401,000
New Zealand, 400,000
Canberra, 395,000


almost 600K watching the old firm QLD derby last night in Townsville on STV
& over 500K watching the Rabbits & eels too

holy hell , thems good ratings


the wannabees V the poms in perth

412K on 9 metro , maybe another 200K regionals
they'll get some BVOD too

Stan ?
who knows
but it'll be well under 1 million in total

less then a 3rd of the origin


Pretty solid ratings again for a Sunday afternoon , involving 1.5 regional teams & .5 of a metro one ( also neither in the top 8 going in)

226K metro
probs 25K BVOD & 175K regionals

foxtel 249K foxtel
est 225K kayo

a total of 900K
pretty darn decent ...

ended up being 978K
holy cow
thems some good ratings
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First Grade
Thought it might peak in game 3 due to being the decider and being a close quality game. Kinda shows that Sunday night is a good option in terms of ratings though. It ended up being the highest rated despite being an absolute blowout.