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2022 R7 Sat - North Qld 30-4 Gold Coast @ QLD Country Bank

Round 7: North Qld v Gold Coast

  • North Queensland Cowboys

    Votes: 2 40.0%
  • Gold Coast Titans

    Votes: 2 40.0%
  • Draw after Golden Point

    Votes: 1 20.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .

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NRL 2022 - Round 7
North Queensland Cowboys v Gold Coast Titans
Queensland Country Bank Stadium, Townsville, South Townsville (TICKETS)
Saturday 23 April 2022

QRLW (NQ v Burleigh) 3:05pm -- NRL kickoff 5:30pm


1. Scott Drinkwater 2. Kyle Feldt 3. Valentine Holmes 4. Peta Hiku 5. Murray Taulagi 6. Tom Dearden 7. Chad Townsend 8. Jordan McLean 9. Reece Robson 10. Coen Hess 11. Heilum Luki 12. Jeremiah Nanai 13. Jason Taumalolo
Interchange: 14. Jake Granville 15. Tom Gilbert 16. Reuben Cotter 17. Griffin Neame 18. Jamayne Taunoa-Brown 19. Brendan Elliot 20. Riley Price 21. Jordan Lipp 22. Emry Pere 23. Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow 24. Tomas Chester


1. Jamayne Isaako 2. Phillip Sami 3. Brian Kelly 4. Patrick Herbert 5. Greg Marzhew 6. AJ Brimson 7. Toby Sexton 8. Moeaki Fotuaika 9. Erin Clark 10. Isaac Liu 11. David Fifita 12. Beau Fermor 13. Tino Fa'asuamaleaui
Interchange: 14. Will Smith 15. Sam Lisone 16. Jaimin Jolliffe 17. Jarrod Wallace 18. Paul Turner 19. Kevin Proctor 20. Sam McIntyre 21. Tanah Boyd 22. Sosefo Fifita 23. Corey Thompson 24. Jayden Campbell


Referee: Chris Butler
Sideline Officials: Wyatt Raymond, Michael Wise
Video Referee: Grant Atkins

- Lower Grades: QLD Cup & Colts U21 -
Falcons v Mackay at Sunshine Coast, Sat - Colts 2:15pm / Cup 4pm
Pride v Redcliffe at Barlow, Sat - Colts 3:30pm / Cup 5:30pm
Townsville v Tweed at Jack Manski, Sun - Colts 12pm / Cup 2:10pm
Burleigh v PNG at Pizzey, Mon - Colts 1pm / Cup 3pm​
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I Bleed Maroon

This could turn out to be a real slog. Cows entering some solid form, the Titties desperate to get back on track after a not bad performance in a loss. I'm going the Cows just because they're at home but it really is a coin toss.

This Year?

Tino and Taumaolo matchup will be thrilling viewing. I'm only tipping the Cows because I think their defence is better.


First Grade
No 3pm game is enough of a void to show Matt Nable's ANZAC Day promo every 10 minutes in the pre match show.


Post Whore
One thing I will say for that Nable promo, it seems very fitting to have a Cold Chisel song in the background

Two of the most grating voices in media history united at last


Post Whore
Holy crap the extra macro shot of The Chad in side profile is giving me Gargamel vibes

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