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2023/24 Off season antics

Penrose Warrior

First Grade
Apparently not Coke, just a joke gone wrong...

Also, in other news, I just saw some pigs fly past my window
Haha yeah, because the week after the season ends, players tend to do crosswords and knit. Definitely not their go to do drugs. And kudos to Val for setting up the gag so early - he just happened to have a little bag, and some sugar in the cupboard, to pull off this joke.

He should get a bigger fine for treating us all like dumb f**ks. Or if we're going to insist it was for the LOLs, fine him for being dumb enough to think an Origin player doing a coke gag is funny, or anything less than f**king outrageously stupid. Joel Clinton got fined $50,000 for a root, Val should get more.

We should start a thread of outrageous NRL quotes that suggest they think we're stupid. Like Kalyn 'I was feeling sick and needed a mate' Ponga, and Wayne 'I won't coach club X' Bennett.


The NRL didnt get behind the "puerile prank" defence?

I'm shocked.
It seemed so watertight.
I’m hoping the players go creative this year and put together a proper porno with the biggest controversy being that one of the ‘actors’ is the daughter/niece of a senior politician. V’landys then uses it as blackmail to get new stadiums.


First Grade
maybe the media is building up to what we can be outraged about the post grand final celebrations

have to love that people get outraged that some kids from west Sydney housing commission found a way to have a successful life. These journos should stick to covering Rugby.