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The Game 2023 NRL draw


It's all well and good to add points in groupings when there's just the two sets of byes (although IMO still pointless).

Doing it in 2023 when the byes are all so out of whack given there's one a week R1-12 then 7, 5, 1, 7, 5, 1, 7, 5 during Origin, then back to one a week, I'd argue adding bye points just makes it more unbalanced.
Agree. As I said before adding them or not adding them is just as wrong. The answer is to get team 18 as soon as possible.


See above.

I think NFL gives points for byes? Or has done in the past. And in any number of knockout sports tournaments around the world, with either odd numbers or seeded teams with byes, when you have a "bye" it counts as a win and you automatically go through to the next round.

NFL doesn't have points at all, they just go on win/loss record so the byes dont effect the standings at all.

Thats what the NRL should do, points in general are arbitrary. Using the win/loss record would produce the same ladder at end of season.

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