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2024 World Club Challenge


Early days but we have never won this trophy. I think our time has come.

4 teams playing this weekend with Tyrone May, Kaide Ellis and Brad Schneider all likely to play.

Penrith coach Ivan Cleary wants his side to contest the World Club Challenge in 2024 and secure the one piece of silverware that has eluded the Panthers.

For all their dominance in the NRL in recent seasons en route to three-straight premierships, Penrith have yet to be considered world champions.

"It would be awesome to get another crack at it," Ivan Cleary told AAP.

"We were pretty bummed about that one.

"We absolutely gave it our best, it was the first game of the year and St Helens were too good for us that night.

"It would be nice to get another shot at it."

Penrith are not one of the four clubs heading to Las Vegas to kick off the 2024 NRL season, meaning they could feasibly make the trip to the UK in February.
Please play in the U.K. Please play in the U.K.

(I could also live with the Catalans; honestly, might be more likely to get them to the Med than Lancashire…)
Due respect and regard for the Tigers, oh I wonder what could have been if it was us up against thee instead of the Broncos last weekend ☺️😁

I hope he got a standing ovation for his outstanding service and coaching. f**king deserves it.

No smug without the Ivan, simple as that. He’s the best rugby league coach on Gods earth.

Rugby Union will go after him for sure. Cretins.
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Anyone think taylan May we be ready to play in the game next year as it’s possible he gets to play against his brother if Catalan’s wins