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94: Superthread 8 III

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Live Update Team
Timmah said:
That road between Mori and Toronto is a little bitch - f*cking giant bend as you're heading back to Mori around Wangi... f*cking sh*tty piece of road.

As for rain:

Forecast for Gosford, NSW
Tue 25 Thunderstorms
Wed 27 Possible shower
Thu 25 Showers
Fri 24 Showers
Sat 23 Showers
Sun 23 Showers
Mon 26 Showers

And for you Twiz:

Forecast for Coolangatta AP, NSW/QLD Border
Tue 26 Rain
Wed 25 Heavy Rain
Thu 29 Rain clearing
Fri 29 Mostly cloudy
Sat 30 Mostly cloudy
Sun 27 Mostly cloudy
Mon 28 Showers


FFS Timmah. Means I'm gonna get wet on Sunday.

f**k you rain.

f**k you Gosford.


Staff member
Newie is a hole, Canberra is a hole, Melbourne is a hole...

Nulla is where it's at tbh...
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