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All-time low. Club dead soon.


Pretty sobering year, all disadvantages withstood:

15th - worst finish in club's history (15th also in 1998) *could change if Knights lose by 25*
Only club to concede 700 points this year
Worst points difference in the comp *could change if Tigers go down*
Comfortably last in offloads (less than half of the Eels' 332, and almost 40 behind second to last. Eels average 13, we average 6)

Incredibly, we are only 7th in missed tackles despite having the worst defense in terms of points conceded. So that's probably speaking to poor defensive structures that we either don't lay a hand on defenders at all, or concede through overlaps or kicks.
special season that...


It is bullshit from the NRL and other clubs to not have a single club play a match in NZ next season. We know the club has been perusing this the whole year, Cameron George cant just make teams play a home game here, unless the NRL push it from the top. They are all too happy to say "we really appreciate what they have done for the past 3 seasons" etc.

But in reality, they don't give a f**k about the Warriors or New Zealand rugby league, except when it comes to scouting 16 year olds. It's all just chat to keep people happy, with no real action. Just like our government. All good intentions, media bites and fluff, but zero substance.

It hasn't even made media in Australia, because they couldn't give a shit. It's the harsh reality of being an NZ team in a Australian comp unfortunately. If it's now that the Warriors front office have realised this, I would be very surprised.

The only thing we can do as a club is get good, and earn some respect back on the footy field.
your club needs to use it as motivation... I sometimes feel the Warriors are too much of a nice club. Need to start developing that siege mentality within the club.


Well I'm glad to not see the warriors play for a good few months. That was a painful season and the only thing that got me through it was my very low expectations. All optimism has long been quelled.

Next year is our year.

Penrose Warrior

First Grade
My goodness...shut up Cameron...

The No.1 (ahem) thing that matters is the fans. The fans do not under any circumstances give a f**k about this sponsorship change. Therefore, it does not really matter.

I looked on social media and it was only jokes about the number one - how many wins we'd have in 2023, how many premiership we don't have etc. And the Vodafone Warriors had stuck for some as their name, but I doubt the One Warriors ever will flow off any tongues that aren't obliged to say it. I get it - Spark did the same so I'm sure it makes sense for their business, but it means jack for us.

I've had enough of Cameron George. When do we get someone good