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Assistant Coaches Sacked


Back on the 2 assistants sacked and supposedly staying on for the rest of the year
Someone may know who went to Kogarah last week, but did not see either of them in the coaches box like normal. There seemed some other strange faces amongst Hook
I read somewhere that PG was out of action with Covid. I’m sure we will see their faces tonight along with Hook’s bottles of Coke no sugar


Excuse me if I am wrong but in many respects the Griffin appointment and stupid extension is of little importance for this club right now.

While a new coach could, at the peak of their powers, bring about a better string of players and positivity energy and belief, what good is anything while we have a disunited and therefore idle board?

'Sack the Board'. This has become our catch cry, I know! I don't know what supporting this club is actually meant to look like right now. Throw money and belief at the very management that crap all over us? Just shut up and get behind a bunch of players who keep flexing their unprofessionalism on and off field? We know Sheens and Bennett were able to defy the odds and see glory in a JV but Hook's position has become a poisoned chalice.

The reason joint-ventures/mergers don't work comes back to the board who are inefficient on account of trying to service two separate ideologies.

And so what?

We de-merge and St George at least is not viable so essentially we will forever be a basket case or we become the Steelers. I just can't see past this right now - days on and no word on Molo's sacking and in the meantime other clubs are locking in gun players for years to come.

I'm completely at a loss right now.