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Autumn 2024

Sniffing some serious shenanigans there in R3 at Newcastle.

The favourite burning out to a 15 length lead to set it up for the horse that was crunched from $19 into $4.

No complaints from me, it’s only a rort if you’re not in on it!

Lemon Squash

First Grade
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Keep an eye out for Brittany Graham’s latest ad on Sky for the harness racing.

She’s wearing this very dress (she may be due a pay rise) and she wears it very well!

I’d be lying if it didn’t have me fizzing in the gig, straining for an opening into the sprint lane. Hubba Hubba!
Whoops I just broke into a gallop!
In The Sky Flight GIF by Safran

Oooh yeah baby!! Congrats @Sans Souci Saint he’s flying mate!!
We got the Duke Boys of Hazzard scrapin’ paint and ridin’ the legs off of these horses at Canterbury tonight!!

Yee Haaaaa!

About f**ken time!!

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