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Big Bash 2020/2021 (Mens and Womens)


WTF was that? That's like when you bring up your double century in the backyard and get bored of batting so give your little sister an easy catch....


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Looks like Brisbane....can't stand...the heat


Not even sorry


Shane Warne just spent the last over talking about how wide Yorkers can go wrong if the bowlers misses by a fraction in a negative tone.

Next over, Bartlett comes on bowls a wide first ball and old mate Warnie is saying how's its a great plan.
Warne's such a liar.....

Now he's claiming to have played in the 2001 Federation test match where Colin Miller had his hair dyed blue.

Um, tell me Warne, where are you in this scorecard?





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There is more indepth detail in the link


Good, bad or too early to tell: how have the new BBL rules worked?
As the tournament comes to a conclusion we look back at the impact of three new rules: Power Surge, Bash Boost and X-Factor

The Verdict

The Power Surge was a clear success with positive reviews from coaches, players, broadcasters, and fans. It could fundamentally change the way T20s are played if it is adopted more widely. The Bash Boost and X-Factor in their current forms will certainly be reviewed by the League ahead of future tournaments.

"I think the Power Surge has been an overwhelming success," Woodhill said. "I know other leagues are already looking at it. The X-Factor is the one that obviously needs greater discussion and teams need longer to work out how best to utilise it, and then the Bash Boost point, that little peak there where teams have got in that ninth or tenth over where that strike-rate has dipped. That's the challenge to increase that and if it means sacrificing some players around their batting, I reckon that's what is needed."
In Chappellis era, it was eight ball overs. Ave RRPO 1.78. Such an interminable bore. No wonder players took a picnic basket with them on to the field, discretely hidden in the back pocket (shirt breast pockets were reserved for an onion or a packet of smokes). This was not frowned upon; the only thing Chaps and the Don agreed upon. In fact, Lawry was tossed because he wanted limits on the Pickle Mustard on the sandwiches.


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Weather not looking flash for the final

Good news , looks like Sunday is a reserve day if needed


Big Bash officials have a contingency to call upon if rain ruins Saturday night’s decider, while a potential clash with a flight across the Tasman is set to be avoided

The introduction of a reserve day for this season’s KFC BBL final will all but ensure the title will not be awarded to the Sydney Sixers by default following last season’s miraculous near miss.

And it is expected that a potential clash between a reserve-day final and the Australian T20 squad’s departure for the Qantas T20 tour of New Zealand will be averted if the decider does need to be rescheduled for Sunday.

Cricket Australia quietly introduced a reserve day for the BBL final ahead of the ongoing season after the absence of one last year came in for heavy scrutiny when Sydney was drenched by 200 millimetres of rain in the 72 hours before the decider.

While there is up to 8mm of rain forecast in Sydney tomorrow and a 50 per cent chance of showers during the match, the prospect of no play between the Sixers and Scorchers on Saturday night does seem unlikely.

CA will do everything in its power to get play underway on Saturday, with a five-over-a-side game enough to constitute a full match.

The reserve-day provision had loomed as having implications for Australia’s upcoming series against the Black Caps across the Tasman, adding to the long list of hurdles for League officials to overcome in pulling off the complete Big Bash season.

Australia’s 18-man T20 squad flies to New Zealand on a charter flight on Sunday and a third of that Aussie playing group - the Sixers’ Josh Philippe along with Scorchers players Jason Behrendorff, Ashton Turner, Jhye Richardson, Andrew Tye and Mitch Marsh – are taking part in the final.


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Radar looks like most of the wet stuff has already gone coastal and towards NZ. Bit still left of the Ranges but hopefully won't impact the Final. Go Toffs!!!