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Brayden Williame


First Grade
If true he will he the back up left centre for Lafai only, the length of the deal would/will indicate his importance to the team.
A fill in until SSE is ready only.

What happened to Tony Gigot????
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First Grade
I was going to say - yikes where has this bloke been throughout our years of misery , but then I noticed just how many different jerseys he had been wearing during the clip .

Nevertheless he still , as said by others a big upgrade on what we have , as long as he truly does deliver and is not preventing our infamous Junior Pathway from operating to its fullest extent .


We need to off-load the following players ASAP:
Aitken - 350k
Lafai - 400k

So far we have lost, look like losing or have unsigned:
Latimore - 200k
Widdop - 200k after the signing of Norman
Robson - 100k
Masters - 100k
Maranta - 100k
Allgood - 150k
Field - 150k
Kaufusi - 150k
Nicholls - 100k
Timm - 100k
Sailor - 100k
Leilua - 200k may to Wests
******************** 1.65m

Total savings - 2.4m

We have signed or propose to sign:
Luke - 300k
Mitchell - 850k
Merin - 550k

Total spend - 1.7m

Net position - 700k surplus

The above figures are only estimates and are only an indication for the purpose of dismissing the claim that there is not enough salary cap available. However, for the sale of the exercise it is worthwhile noting that even with the recruitment of Luke, Mitchell and Merin there is still some 700k to spare for development upgrades and CC backfills which is usually taken care of with the annual salary cap increase.

So on the surface, indications are that we have more than enough to sign Mitchell, Merin and upgrade our development players.

Of course the state of our salary cap is not transparent. leaving the chance that Millward may have made some gross errors, resulting in less cap available.
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Pass unless a cheap 1yr deal as backup.
Or better still play Lomax in the centres and start putting some development into the Fegai brothers and SSE.


Apparently Dragons trying to sign this guy from Catalans. Not the big name you’d hope for, but as a left centre he still looks like an upgrade on Euan.
I like him, hes kind of like a poor mans Latrell Mitchel! so win win... looks 6 times the player of either plodders we have right now in Laugheye and Aitkant


I can't believe some of these comments. This bloke is very ordinary and would be an obvious downgrade to what we already have. Don't let your hate for certain players cloud your judgement ffs


I personally think that we need an upgrade on both euan and laf .
But my first priority would be to move lafai on.
At least euan gives it a go. Lafai is also on big dollars.

Samy..the only go Euan has is pointing the finger at everyone else when he has rushed up out of the line creating a gap for the opposition to score....

Time for Euan and Lafai both to move on.


First Grade
Aitken and Lafai both need big seasons next year be it 1st grade or CC. The fact they tried to offload Aitken at the end of 2019 indicates where he is at.
As far as I can tell both wont be re- signed after 2020.
We have cover for right centre wjth many options for now and the future. None really for left centre, only SSE and he's on a DS contract.
Williame is a bit of a muppet but will give notice to Lafai that the club is serious to replace him.

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