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Canterbury Cup and Jersey Flegg


I don't see a lot of KOE Cup, and probably just as well. Most of what I have seen today is just rubbish in both attack and defence. Feagai has been disappointing. Clunes as usual is ok. Persia is OK, but not deserving enough to be promoted. Forwards are as soft as butter, so no help to FG there. Stewart did a few good things. As blacksafake said, let's hope we don't get any more injuries or suspensions.


Dragons lower grade teams: Round 15


Dragons lower grade teams: Round 15​

Author Dragons.com.au dragons.com.au Timestamp Tue 15 Jun 2021, 03:16 PM

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St George Illawarra Knock On Effect Cup coach Russ Aitken has named his Round 15 team to play the Canberra Raiders on Saturday, June 19 at WIN Stadium, Wollongong (3:05pm).
The young Dragons have a bye after their victory over the Bulldogs last weekend. They sit pretty at second place on the Jersey Flegg ladder.

St George Illawarra Knock On Effect Cup team: Round 15 v Raiders –​

1. Tyrell Sloan
2. Jordan Pereira
3. Mat Feagai
4. Charly Runciman
5. Sam McCann
6. Sitiveni Moceidreke
7. Zeik Foster
8. Jaiyden Hunt
9. Billy Brittain
10. Kaide Ellis
11. Jackson Shereb
12. Billy Burns
13. Josh Carr
14. Hayden Lomax
15. Shalom O'ofou
17. Luke Chalker
18. Luke Gale




Ours is the 2nd game start about 2 mins into the video.

Keep an eye on Schiller (#3), nice offload for a try and showed some very good pace to score a try himself.
Needs to improve his defense though imo.
I rate Schiller very highly. He is the most likely to partner with Lomax in the centres. The Feagai brothers are most probably future wingers. To get the best out of the new young guns, we should let go the likes of Williame, Beale, Pereira to ensure they have there opportunity to develop.


First Grade

KOE Cup highlights: Round 15 v Raiders​

Relive all the action from Round 15 of The Knock-On Effect NSW Cup as the St George Illawarra Dragons took on the Canberra Raiders.

Thanks GS

But, seriously the NSW NRL is really going down hill fast, they can only find 47 seconds of "highlights" from this game, really!!

denis preston

First Grade
You know some of me thinks that our young guys are better off in NRL rather than the defensive rabble that our KOE side is dishing up. That last try , was it one guy carrying 3 or 4 dragons players over the line ? But we won didn't we ?


First Grade
Thanks GS

But, seriously the NSW NRL is really going down hill fast, they can only find 47 seconds of "highlights" from this game, really!!
Gus said it last night like him or hate him but what he said is true
the watering down of lower grades and lack of support and funding over these many years has killed the game
It is why we only have a couple of the same elite teams and the rest will continue to struggle going forward until they invest big from their owners funds in Nurturing their own strong pathways development with the right people in charge
ATM clubs are not accountable and should be But get the little support or financial help from all the overpaid, overstaffed rugby league administrations just to justify spending money in the wrong areas. Ie dancing around the 1st grade showpiece

I heard Annesley after the Raiders stuff up on the weekend with their big round table corporate pow wow. Watching videos on how it happened and basically admitting poor clubs.. too many rules to think of
. what do we do here?
just have to spend more money coming up with another solution insuring that can’t happen to help out the poor clubs

the NRL Red tape and administration for clubs off field rule handbook is bigger than the on field rule book
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On the contrary - she's a great referee if you're a Mounties player. Soft penalties galore,
We've got nothing with ball in hand either. It's making me start to reconsider my earlier assessment of Adam Clune. He hasn't shown much today aside from a kick or two.
Pedestrian at best & has no aggression in his defence. Obviously Hook got that opinion last year when he was given the coaching roll, was straight to the point of talking Hunt up.

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