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Controversy ....


mud n blood

Thought I'd start off a thread on this but for the Qld/Brisbane competition.

Try these ....

- Ross Strudwick's "flying wedge" play
- Wynnum-Manly and their financial blow-out in the 1980's
- Barry Muir spitting on Dale Coogan
- Barry Muir leading Wests' walk-off in 1968 against Valleys at Lang Park
- Alec Watson and Duncan Hall refusing to leave when sent in 1956 in the major semi
- The infamous "boots-n-all" blue between Wests and Souths in 1970
- The death of Mark Fyfe from Easts
- Any one of Henry Albert's 500+ games that he refereed!
- The 1976 pre-season match between Wests and Redcliffe when 4 were sent off
- Olszewski's try for Wynnum in the 1995 grand final against Easts
- The Ricketty Johnson affair in 1918 leading to Wests forfeiting the minor premiership

just a few to get the thought processes going ......


Brothers 1st Premiership success, in 1926, was a sensational affair. Their players had refused to appear in the decider under the chosen referee, and only some tough talking by club officials changed their minds. After 10 minutes of the match, at Davies Park, the grandstand caught fire and players rushed to save clothes in the dressing room. They returned to finish the match when the blaze was out.
Mud i found Controversy every time Valleys lost a big match

Cheers Retread


yea yea yea, i know its sposed to be about footy, but controversys never far away when aussie is involved. heres a small selection and i wont even mention greg chappel.....

Australian Samuel Jones was run out by W.G. Grace in a 1882 test at The Oval as he went to examine the pitch after completing a run. The incident was said to have so enraged Frederick Spofforth that he took seven for 44 to help Australia to their first test win in England.
- South African Johan Zulch was given out hit wicket after part of his bat was broken off by a ball from Edgar McDonald and fell on his stumps in the second test against Australia in 1921-22.
- South African William Brann was given not out for a catch at the wicket against England in Cape Town in 1922-23 only to be given out when George Macaulay repeated the appeal for lbw.
- West Indian Joseph Solomon was adjudged hit wicket when his cap fell off, dislodging the bails against Australia at Melbourne in 1960-01.
- Australian Andrew Hilditch, batting against Pakistan in Perth in 1978-79, picked up the ball and handed it to bowler Sarfraz Nawaz, who then appealed. The umpire was forced to give Hilditch out handled the ball.
- Dean Jones of Australia was bowled by a Courtney Walsh no-ball at Georgetown in 1990-91 but did not hear the call. He began walking off and Carl Hooper then ran him out. The umpire should have called Jones back, as a change of law in 1980 allowed for batsmen to be reprieved if they had left the ground because of a misapprehension.
Here's one that always causes a controversy

Anything posted on "that other forum" which dispels the myth that rugby league = sydney and sydney = rugby league.

mud n blood

ha ha ha .... good call Matty !

You have no idea about controversy until I sit down with you and that other boof-head Redcliffe supporter and tell you some of the things Henry Albert told me when we interviewed him the other week. These will even put hairs on your chest, Matty ......
I actually read (albiet very quickly) some of those interstate matches Herny reffed and sometimes there was a few queries by either side on the interpretation of some his calls. It sounded like Albert was a very controversial referee.

mud n blood

Unofficially, he (along with his mentor Vic Lynagh), is responsible for introducing the "marching 10 metres" rule, and the blood bin. He was doing both of these back in the 50's, with spectators, press and powers-that-be somewhat "shocked" at his antics.


First Grade
Henry Albert is worth a thread for himself ... caused me a lifetime of sleepless nights.