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Eels in the media


First Grade
Question for other merkins who stood in front of the old wooden grandstand getting autographs like me..

Who was the eels game day official who had an artificial arm ? I remember him from the Gibson years probably because it used to give me the creeps a bit.

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Frederick Sykes??

Or maybe J Walter Weatherman...

"And that's why you don't support Parramatta..."

For the Arrested Development aficionados......
And Barlow mentioned that he has his own weights regimen, different to the rest of the squad. So maybe we could pay him as a strength and conditioning coach too, because it sure seems to be working for him.


It’s Zero Tackle so take it with a grain of salt but this article is reporting that Matto would need to take a trim off his current deal to head north to the Dolphins. I reckon we could and should match his current deal.

yeah the figure they mentioned doesn't match the way they have set out the rest of the article

We will offer him a deal
Dolphins deal will blow ours out of the water(pun intended probably)
Currently on $550k/year
Dolphins deal $500k/year

Soren Lorenson

First Grade
Either the dolphins figure is wrong or they are expecting our offer to be $350-400k/year mark
well that's what Aitken is supposedly getting so if we offer that then I'll drive him to Redcliffe and give him a wristy on the way as an apology for MON's bad behavior.
It might be all we have to offer. Given his concussion history and his form at the time others would have been signed, the decision could have been made then to top up others and look elsewhere.



Her name is Brooke Walker and she currently plays for Carlton and still has 2 years to run on her AFLW contract. She is a native NZer and grew up on the Gold Coast dreaming of playing professional RL. She won Gold in the 2016 Rio Olympics in the Rugby sevens team.

She hasn't quit AFLW, she is basically on loan. She will miss just 3 games of their season. They pay their girls minimum wage $47K compared to our current $10K. She nor any other girl will be walking away from that. It's the difference of having to have a job and play versus not needing a job and play for the overwhelming majority.