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Eels in the media


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The clubs in a dark place. Nrl is getting lapped by shit sides and NSW cup has nobody putting pressure on the grade above while Flegg has yet to win a game.
Well that's what Proshenks said. Even people that follow the warriors who live in this house know that.



That would be because merkins on here and everywhere else demand immediate results with a squad that is built on 'local juniors' just like Penruff.

So the club listened to us merkins on that! 😂

I don't think that correct I think the club rushed the ball kids up in an attempt to fill holes that have been there for a few years now..


That would be because merkins on here and everywhere else demand immediate results with a squad that is built on 'local juniors' just like Penruff.
I will say its a tough one though.

You have player managers in the background who are demanding instant promotions looking for a quick buck for these young kids but don't have the players interests at heart.

Whats the best pathway for developing these kids.

Is it spending a season in flegg then Reserve grade.

Or going the way we tried this year and just fast-track as many as possible and fingers crossed it all sticks.

But i have been told Rankin's hands are tied when it comes to Flegg as some these eligible kids have been pushed up to cup some may be premature. So effectively we have hamstrung two grades to please everyone it seems.


Listened to that talking parra Facebook live again yesterday..

They must get their inside information from here...

They said the juniors is shit and will take over 10 years to fix...
Not sure how that is correct get better coaches and mentors in now and you basically start working on the kids you have in the system now.

We have some talented 18 year olds just need better coaching.


First Grade
That would be because merkins on here and everywhere else demand immediate results with a squad that is built on 'local juniors' just like Penruff.
It’s probably the correct thing to do for those good juniors , but the first step should be ensuring there are competent players around them to enable them to progress.
Saying the Pathways are a mess and will take 10 years to fix is the biggest load of codswollop I have heard in a long time.

Having been to all be one game of LF and TG and all but 2 games of HM and SGB (I am allowed to miss the Melbourne game), the juniors are strong, some good kids there but as we say to all of them when they start only a handful will make NRL or NRLW.

TG has some issues with recruitment this year as not a great number of players turned up to selection trails as previous years. But the LF girls now will move up and maybe play for 2 years at TG level.

Matts and Ball are good, again some of the players from Flegg could qualify for Ball, I think Mo Alameddine is one of them.

Flegg, yeah as we have said we had a large chunk of last years SG Ball winning side progress to Flegg for the remainder of last year and now have been promoted to NSWCup.

So for the first time ever they are playing open age football.

SG Ball Premiers 2023
1. Api Twidle >Flegg
2. Devonte Vaivela > Stayed in SG Ball
3. Richard Penisini > Injured
4. Blaize Talagi > NRL and NSWCup
5 Mo Alameddine > Flegg

6. Josh Lynn > Flegg
7. Ethan Sanders > NSWCup and NRL

8. Lance Fualema >Flegg
9. Matt Arthur > NSWCup
10. Sam Tuivaiti > Flegg
11. Dom De Stradis >Flegg (as a Centre)
12. Charlie Guymer > NSWCup
13. Saxon Pryke> Flegg
So those players listed in Flegg are playing at least a year young and will qualify for the flegg side next year as well in age limit football before moving to open age.

The leap from Age limit to open age football is a big step.

LF (U 17 Girls), HM (U 17 Boys) and SGB (U 19 Men's) all lost round 1 of the finals.

LF lost to the Knights who we know have a strong Female competition and we didn't face in the home and away competition, The LF Grand Final is the Dogs vs the Tigers,
we ran into the Dogs in the trials and won but then faced them in round one and were blown away, from some whispers we have heard, 5 of the dogs squad are from the Millpera club (the only club in their district with female sides) the fullback is from Queensland and the rest are from NZ. The Tigers again we didn't run into in the home and away competition, but we know they have a strong female league.

HM Lost to the Warriors who will take on Wests in the GF.

We played the Warriors in the first round on a Very hot Sunday in January and won, but they put up a great fight for most of the game.

We played West in the last game of the year and drew with them, a penalty goal hitting the metal work. They are a tough side.

SGB Lost to the Dogs week one, as well as during the home and away season. The GF is Dogs vs Dragons, we didn't take on the Dragons in the home and away season.


Thanks MITS.
Overall, how well do you think our pathways for NRL is looking? What would you rate it out of say /10?
Are we likely to start seeing some of these players push for NRL in '25?


Yep and given our junior pathways WAS a mess until some money was found and N Brown (Coach) reviewed it in 2021, there isnt an instant fix to moving kids who were 17 in 2021 to NRL FG in 2024. They simply need to go through the grades to make the step up.
One day I'll tell you what really happened with Nathan Brown (the coach) and his real thoughts.

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