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Expansion club fanbase sizes


In 2022 it was less than 16k. In 2019, 2018 and 2017 it was just over 16k. In 2016 it was less than 15k.

What makes you think Perth will be the same?

Storm were propped up by News Ltd between 1998/2012 and the ARLC between 2013/2018, allowing them to overspend to attain success.

They were competitive from day one thanks to News Ltd and the culling of the Crushers, Reds and Mariners. The further loss of the Chargers and Bears helped them, too. Then they got lucky with Bellamy, who was at the Broncos and then wound up at Storm. Both clubs were owned by News Ltd. Once he retires they'll lose the best coach the game has seen in decades. None of his understudies have been able to replicate his success.
little doggy has to argue with everyone about Perth doesn't he
Perth has half the population of Melbourne but RL is stronger there relatively speaking. Plus Perth is starved of top level sport, unlike Melbourne.

Victoria has 5k players vs 4.1k in WA.

The Force aren't selling out PRS. There's three times as many RU players in WA.

TV ratings for Eagles and Dockers in Perth on FTA are dreadful. Just 74k and 69k. NRL in Perth draws just 8k in Perth. Same as Melbourne for games not involving the Storm.

And everyone is aware of Storm’s history, but the fact remains that the way that they are now run, the level of professionalism and corporate support is miles in front of clubs like WT that are still run and sponsored by second rate local businessmen without the acumen nor dollars to compete in a modern top level sporting competition.

How many of those corporates will stick around when the team becomes also-rans?

Many of their fans have an AwFuL club that is their number one team. When the Storm become also-rans they'll go back to focusing on fumbleball.

Go back 20 years and the Lions were drawing over 30k fans and the talk of Brisbane. A decade ago they were mired in debt with a team anchored to the bottom of the ladder.

Force were drawing 27k at one stage. Now they're lucky to draw 7k.

A-League was pulling good crowds a decade ago.

Big Bash has gone from being the hottest ticket in town to obscurity.

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