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Fisher-Harris Released - ???


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Huth fills in when required, and does a better job than he is given credit for.

If we were fortunate enough to not get another injury or suspension in the forwards this season you would probably not see Hugh in the top 17.

I like Huth as a back up, very solid defensively.
Huth has done a stellar job filling in for Yeo when needed, not where you would want to be long term though. You need blokes like that in the squad.


Does anyone think JFH left due to a better contract offer?
Let's say he is on 800k and 2yrs remain. There is a high chance once ready to negotiate he only gets 400k if form starts to drop off.
Warriors may of offered 900k plus the additional 2yrs which means he will be 32 when finishes and 33 if goes another season.
It basically keeps him on big dollars until possible retirement and some guarantee for his playing future.
Another twist could be that the club approached Fish and mentioned they needed a "big out" due to relief cap space. They then contacted the Warriors to see if they were interested. Likely the reason for the non leak of this signing to the media. What ever the case, I think we still will have to let Turuva go, so we can bring along a winger from reggies or a particular fullback.


May not be a popular opinion, but I'd be re-signing Eisenhuth if he's willing to go around again. He's not gonna cost a lot, he fits our culture, he makes his tackles.

I'd also be re-signing Garner for two more years. Obviously he'd be looking for more money than he's on now, but would still be a relatively modest deal.

Unless another shock release happens this season, we know who is available for 2025. But with Eiso and Garns locked in, we may not need to go to market for 2025, and could bank some cash for a splurge in 2026.

We have the option of elevating Smith or Henry to the starting side. We could also look at shifting Martin, Sorenson or Yeo to front row.

And if we do go to market, I'd be looking at bringing some guys home:
- Hopgood is available for 2026 and would come straight into our Top 13.
- Brad Fearnley is stuck playing NSW Cup at Cronulla, likewise Billy Burns - both should be available for 2025.
- Corey Waddell can play edge of middle, and is a solid first grader. From what I've seen on socials he's still quite close with a lot of the Panthers boys, especially Cleary. Available 2025
- Spencer Leniu could come back for 2026. I've seen better players than him end up on the scrap heap at the Roosters after 2-3 average games.

As for externals:
- Nathan Brown could be a good 1-2 year option. He has the natural aggression and is a genuine enforcer when he's on. I'd back Ivan to get him back to peak fitness and get his head right for sustained performance.
- Jayd'n Sua has gone backwards at the Dragons, but at his best he can tear teams apart on the edge.
Both available for 2025
I mentioned Nathan Brown in the off-season. Despite many objections from most on here, he has been a very handy signing for Manly. Has turned games when he has come off the bench.

Isaac Liu even though he is a few years older than Fish wouldn’t cost us a lot. Can’t expect him to be the player he once was, but he can still be in the middle rotation.

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