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Game day vs Bronco

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First Grade
Our attack has looked off all 1st half, normally so smooth, players seem to be getting in each other's way.

Be interesting to see he we can hit our 27 tonight.

Moylan seems to be struggling in attack, I would expect more from him.

We need more from the middles they were soft early on, just didn't measure up, they really need to get going.the back end of this game will be crucial and we need the forwards to at least hold there own.

Somehow we need to get them into the grind and get the win that way


First Grade
Yeah lucky tries but Moylan crap kick. Try. Not marking up lucky bounce try. Ronny can’t catch. Try.
Brailey lost control.

No hip drop f**k me dead.

But Cronk says ”Classic” hip drop.

Wonder if that was Reece Walsh if he would say it was a “classic” hip drop.

At least Mal said I have to disagree.

Cronk’s bias shining again the little know it all prick.
Not always Cheese.

Can also depend how much the player milks it to.

Players are milking the hip drop more now than the crusher tackle.

Wasn’t much in the R o n a l d o crusher tackle but they milked it.

Hopefully we can milk some tackles in return in the 2nd half.
On the replay it looks completely accidental as walsh half gets through but qld cock cronk sees it as a "traditional" hip drop. The wanker


3 key areas from the numbers at halftime

Completions too low
Post contact metres by Broncos too high
Kick return metres by Broncos too high

We have to kick better with the wind and return better with the wind at our backs. Then, hold the pill and stay composed

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