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Gameday Newcastle v Warriors Rd 15


Saw this coming 10 minutes into the game. We never looked like winning even when we were leading.

Alan Johnson

I'd love to see some stats on how many times the Warriors have conceded match-winning points in the final two or three minutes.


Well that’s another season down the tubes. Why do we ever think things will change.

Our problems at 6, 7 and 9 are going from bad to worse. Zero direction. Zero execution.
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Good news is that was the house that Brown built beating the house that Kearney built…. I know the players might have changed but the culture and systems are there

but yeah, awful all around, the NRL random rule interpretations are stupid and a top 8 remains stupid when every year there are 5 good consistent teams


Will you f**krs ever learn😂 Gave up doing that years ago

hahaha - I am a slow learner bro. 26 years and I honestly always think we can win the game before it starts

this year feels worse though as the roster is not too bad - yes we need a half but we have some really good players

Harris, RTS, Walsh, AFB, Aitken, Jazz

Beavers Headgear

First Grade
O’Sullivan is absolutely terrible, he is lucky he came out of the right set of plums or he wouldn’t be playing NRL

It was also an awful decision in the off season to make the call to have Egan as the only 9, while Keighran, Lawton and Roache play elsewhere this weekend
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First off, the Knights have got some absolute shit blokes at 11, 12 and 13.

We were bad. O'Sullivan was the worst. I think Walsh is going to have to come into the halves. Not sure what that means for the wing currently occupied by RTS

AFB and BMM were bad in their first stint. I thought AFB and Evans were good in the second half. Ah Mau was pretty good for that matter.

Katoa did some good things and a couple of not so good things.
Walsh showed he didn't have the legs (as Brown previously said post match)on the break he made, should have scored that. Aitken showed him how it was done.
A few shockers from the young bloke that might (probably wont) stop people blowing smoke up his ass in the media.

RTS stuffed up the kickoff after points, should of taken the kick.

Last pass for Knights 1st try clearly forward. But defense shit.

Got pinged for inside the 10m and Knights given the same treatment.

Ref isn't to blame for our shit attack.

Knight final try on Jazz lazy on inside allowing Knights to go back thru the middle, when Kane Evans stood up.

No footy smarts in the team.
Shit I'd take SJ back after that performance. But need an organising half.

Last week confirmed we done for the year, this one put a nail in the coffin, 7 from 9 needed.
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Any reason this not a sin bin?
Shoulder first point if contact head, forceful?
Worse than Fitzgibbon tackle that earned him 10 mins?
1 obscure replay looked at.

Screenshot_20210620-080424_Kayo Sports.jpg


Last night was shit.
And Warriors are also a little shit. But not the shitest. (poor Maumalo, from one frying pan...)
In the context of the overall competition, we're one of the better shit teams. It doesnt mean we're not shit. We're just less shit.

Our defense was mostly non-shit. But creatively, we were shit.
This year almost has to be written of now. As there is little to zero chance of making any impact on the top 8, let alone competing with teams from the top 5.

And what does it say about Nikorima wanting to leave? The old, want to stay in Australia excuse.
Maybe he's seen the writing on the wall in terms of the set up/coaching ability.

And these rumoured random signings, Lodge and Widdop - after letting the likes of the players we have let go most recent. Buying in senior players instead of nurturing the young talent that has been let go.
Its just all muddled.
Unless they have decided on a clean slate mentality without actually saying we're clearing out.

In summary - just shit.

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