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Halves combos this year

Version IV

Our halves combo this year and amount of games together and wins

Johnson - Townsend 10 Games - 5 Wins
Moylan - Johnson 3 Games - 2 Wins
Trindall - Johnson 1 Game - 1 Win
Moylan - Trindall 1 Game - 0 Wins
Tracey - Trindall 1 Game - 1 Win
Trindall - Townsend 1 Game - 0 Wins

6 halves combo
Johnson 14 games - 8 wins
Townsend 11 games - 5 wins
Moylan 4 games - 2 wins
Trindall 4 games - 2 wins
Tracey 1 game - 1 win

The combo has to come from Johnson/Trindall/Tracey

Moylan/CT have had there day, one injuries have finished, the other a slightly quicker version of Jeff Robson with worse hair.

So from this i guess next week Bomber will select CT/Moylan


First Grade
All I can say is it has to be a combo of SJ, trindall and Tracey.

So bomber will pick Moylan and chad

SJ will be told he taking up too much cap and moved on