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" How I would of clobbered Clay" - Joe Louis


Interesting take, titanic.

When this thread first started, as i recall (and i havent read it in a while, and there were quite a few similar threads back in the lwos days), Ali and louis were not really the clear consensus number one and two fighters ever. Both had their supporters, but plenty of others were around with their supporters too. In particular, Tyson was right in the mix of the eyes of many. But nowadays, you see these two guys back to their rightful place.

I havent read the initial article in ages. My memory is that Louis said he would fight ali by taking a couple of shots to land one, because he didnt think that Clay could take a punch, which was the perception because of the banks and cooper knock downs. I must say, Ali went on to prove this theory wrong in later years. Still a good fight though, but i think Joes best chance is in a rematch.