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How many weeks for Latrell?


That's nuts. Happy for him to miss the match as he's suspended but surely it has to count as one of his 6 matches?


The NRL doing this does not save face for the ref and bunker not sending him off. Its like they are deflecting it onto Latrell because he is an easy target, and of course they would do that.


Pretty sure we didn't carry on the way the Rorters have when Riley Brown took out Craig Wing with a cheap shot that had him on the sideline longer than Manu.
Really how long do you think Manu will be out ?

yeah it’s not like your club commissioned a book with an entire chapter dedicated to the “prowler” incident.

your coach certainly didn’t spend the entire press conference afterwards talking about how excited the roosters were to get wing and deliberately hurt him.

and your club absolutely didn’t continue to show replays of that incident for a decade afterwards at every home game against the roosters.

no siree none of that at. Memory of a goldfish Souths


First Grade
The young guy that replaced Latrell was actually a boost to the team. Yeah he didn’t have the tackle busting and the explosiveness but he is a better ball player and given how the game played out no doubt latrell would have had multiple dumb plays penalties for cheap shots late in that game.

Crichton can thank his lucky stars! No doubt he would have been served some broken ribs or broken face after planting the ball on the intercept try