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How many weeks for Latrell?


Post Whore
What you reckon @Timmah ?
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The thing with Mitchell is he gets in to some mood, you can see it in his eyes and face, like this fog settles over him and when you see it you know he is going to do some dumb shit.

He was going in there to hit Manu regardless of the damage.

Throw the book at him, he's a grub of the highest order.
The crackdown on high contact during the magic round was designed to scare players away from this exact type of hit.
6 weeks is fair.
It was…

Subsequently - Lachlan Burr and Latrell Mitchell got the same punishment in the match. Burr on Tedesco and Mitchell on Manu. 10 minutes in the bin. Those two incidents aren’t in the same hemisphere, but got the same in-game penalty. And Cleary got less than Burr for his hit on Bird.

Robinson had every right to go off his rocker.

Jackie Treehorn

2 to 3 weeks. I hate penalising the injury. Whilst it wasn’t great Manu was falling a bit and his arm wrapped around.

I won’t be shocked if it’s 4-5 weeks but I’d be happy with 2-3.
I think it would be physically impossible to wrap your arms around someone at the same time as your shoulder is smashing into their face with enough force to break a cheekbone

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