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In Fitzy We Trust

Have you all noticed how in the press conferences Cam always refers to Fitz as “Coach”, ather than Craig or Fitz. Shows a healthy respect IMO. Cam was asked about the huddles after the game, he said there’s an extremely high level of love and friendship in this group, they are all playing for each other and the coach.

Something nice is building.
Like in Winning Time and Pat Riley?


For all the talk about us in big games I’m glad we have put in two good performances.

Also look at the cowboys compared to us. We both went on that 22 run. They won vs us in the first round but haven’t been seen since. Gone backwards rapidly whereas we have slowly built and gone forward.
See new thread for the HTI
Unlike how Fitz has added to the team even on lower level basis bring in a Billy Burns, it's all about adding in different areas lugging a hole
Um ok. Probably not best to assume everyone watches the same things you do mate. No idea at all of that show so the jokes lost a bit, if there was a joke.
Maybe you should try lightening up.
If you can't tell when someone is just taking the piss then you need to read the forum more, or better yet, nor at all.

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