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In Memoriam


First Grade
RIP Carl Weathers! A fantastic career who worked with the likes of Bronson, Stallone and Arnie. He also appeared in one of the greatest comedies of all time as Chubbs in "Happy Gilmore" as well as headlining his own movie in the underrated guilty pleasure "Action Jackson". Great actor who brought energy to every role he played.

horrie hastings

First Grade
Not sure how i missed this one, the beautiful Melanie Safka passed away last week aged 76 just short of her 77th birthday.

Love this version of Look What Done to My Song with Mylie Cyrus.



Staff member
For the slightly older, physically or at heart, amongst us, the show 'Dad's Army' may have had a place in your upbringing. Good show, I have to say.

Sadly, the last of the cast has gone to greener pastures. Ian Lavender, who played the young fella Pike, passed away the other day.


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