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"It’s very realistic to say that we’ll have a second team in Brisbane in 2023": V'landys


You’d think not… but I can sort of imagine it; in front of the QLD crowd, QLD pollies most likely, etc etc

Oh of course the opportunity is prime, but I'm sure they've got some huge launch thing ready for the reveal. I remember all the fanfare when the GWS and Macarthur Bulls licences were revealed.


Who is the tip for you guys?

Of the 3 bids, I think Redcliffe have the best bid but a really sh*t name. I also love a mainly red jersey

Perth Red

Who is the tip for you guys?

Of the 3 bids, I think Redcliffe have the best bid but a really sh*t name. I also love a mainly red jersey
I’m hoping for firehawks, just something about that bid that feels it can be most successful long term. It’s got as much financial clout as dolphins but a better fan engagement and Suncorp attendance opportunity imo.


They could get away with something like that at Magic Weekend, but not GF day.

It'd be utterly disrespectful to the newly crowned Premiers.
Not nessesarely, they can mention they they are going ahead with a 17th team, and they committing to it, but don't have to reveal which bid they want, then just say tun in next week for who.... and back to the show
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I hope not.

Look, as much as I wanna know who wins this Beauty pageant, and move the narrative to "Who gets the 18th spot?" (which IMO is a FAR more interesting debate).... to call out the next expansion team on the evening that a club is celebrating their Premiership is like going to a kid's birthday party and announcing you're pregnant.

It's THEIR day - not yours, not Redcliffe's, not anyone else's.

Allow them their space in the spotlight, they've earned it.

Announce the winning bid a few days later.
Yeah it might be. Can't remember if the journo claimed straight after the GF or just 'after' the GF which could be days, weeks etc. I could however see merit in announcing the Brisbane expansion team at probably the only GF Brisbane will see in the foreseeable future.
The origin settlement in Moreton Bay was based at Humpynong, Redcliffe on 12 September 1824. In May 1825 it was relocated to Wickham Terrace was relocated. Just food for thought should Dolphins get in and decide to use the name Redcliffe and enter the competiton in 2024, exactly 200 years after touchdown in Redcliffe.

Spanner in the works

First Grade
Looks like Redcliffe is officially the 2023 club, extract below:

News Corp strikes $75m deal with NRL to prop up 2023 Redcliffe expansion​

Michael Chammas

By Michael Chammas

October 4, 2021 — 3.06pm

The NRL is expected to propose the Redcliffe Dolphins as the expansion team for 2023 after striking a deal with News Corp to inject an extra $75m into the sport over five years.

Sources with knowledge of discussions told the Herald that as part of the deal, the NRL has pledged to reduce the number of free-to-air games involving the News Corp-owned Brisbane Broncos by up to 25 per cent.

The deal with News Corp, which is worth $13m-$15m a season, came as a shock to Nine Entertainment Co, publisher of this masthead, when it was recently told of the arrangement....

...The NRL will announce the deal to clubs in a video conference with all 16 teams on Thursday. The code’s expansion assessment committee will then meet the following day to put forward a final recommendation for the prospective franchise, which is expected to be the Redcliffe Dolphins


Good to see Fox is allegedly covering costs so at least we can now be confident it is going to happen!
And, to add to the conjecture The Australians Brent Read/Peter Badel has this story but with the headline "NRL seals $100m deal with Foxtel for Expansion" rather than the Chammas story that suggests $75m

Which, if true, would suggest it more than cover costs but provides an excess of funding.
Still interested to know how the ARLC have determined its financially viable when the fTA deal isnt done. HAs Fox agreed to up its contract payment? Or are ARLC taking a gamble on the fTA deal covering it?

A second Brisbane team is just a fortnight away from officially being announced but not everyone is happy.
It was reported on Thursday that the NRL is preparing to confirm the Brisbane expansion side as the competition’s 17th franchise the week after the grand final.
It came after the ARL Commission reportedly approved the financial viability of the expansion team but one final roadblock remains.
The NRL is yet to meet with all 16 teams, who were “blindsided” by the report on Thursday according to The Sydney Morning Herald.
“One of the things that was promised to the clubs was the process would be collaborative, that they would come to the clubs and involve the clubs, so it would be disappointing if we’re told it’s all done,” one club official told The Herald.
That final step will begin on Friday and continue over the next week.
As The Australian’s Brent Read explained on Triple M, that is where things could get complicated.
“There was a commission meeting yesterday and the expectation was at that meeting we would have a definitive answer from the commission on whether they’d go ahead with it,” he said on Thursday night.
“They haven’t given that publicly because they still need to talk to the clubs. They’ve said they’ll take the clubs along with them on the journey but you can take it as read out of that commission meeting they made the decision to press the go button on expansion. It will happen.
“The clubs I’m sure will kick up a little stink and try squeeze some money from the NRL over it. They’re not overly happy over the way it’s all been handled.”

Read put forward Queenslanders Cameron Munster, Kalyn Ponga and Harry Grant as three big names to watch as the new franchise looks to land a marquee signing.
The three remaining bids in the race are the Brisbane Firehawks, Brisbane Jets and Redcliffe Dolphins, who pitched to the NRL late last month.
The new franchise could be approved in time for the 2023 season and clubs are concerned, with Munster, Ponga and Grant headlining a long list of off-contract players.
The sudden emergence of a new franchise would only give such players even more leverage when negotiating a new deal.
For instance, Parramatta’s Clinton Gutherson is one player off-contract at the end of 2022 who could now push for more money.
Gutherson’s manager was already agitating for a price rise after the Eels paid the fullback unders during his last deal.
A new team with lots of money to spend would only increase competition for Gutherson’s signature and regardless of whether he has any actual interest in the move, it could be used as a bargaining chip when negotiating with Parramatta.
South Sydney’s Cody Walker is another who could be lured to the expansion team, particularly if it is coached by Wayne Bennett.

As such, the Herald reports that some clubs want the new franchise’s addition to the league to be delayed until 2024, giving them more time to finalise rosters and respond to Covid-19-related financial implications.

Otherwise, the successful franchise will be allowed to begin contacting rival players from November 1.

This is such a beat up by the journo. The clubs were supposedly 'blindsided' by a story that's been in the media and spoken about by the NRL for about a year and a half now.