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Josh Kerr departs


he had more than enough opportunities to lock down a starting prop or second row position with us. Average player, no great loss. Plenty of size, no hunger.
Watch him improve under WB, he has made a very wise career choice, all the best to him. I actually think he has been ok this year, enough to show he will succeed under Bennett.

Old Timer

I posted this in "the other place" but it is also appropriate for this thread.

We are the just the best at talking up someone after having criticised them for years.

Every departure is seen as a some monumental loss and reinforces people's desire to criticise the club.

Kerr is no doubt a good chap and tried hard but he is no world beater or game changing prop he is adequate in given circumstances.

Of course the argument will be "but he is just coming into his prime" well why the f**k didn't we wait for someone else to develop him and then buy him like the Dolphin's have done and how is it he is coming into his prime when everyone is of the opinion we can't coach anybody anything?

Good luck to Josh and I hope he has a good career ahead of him but he will certainly need to have some hard heads in the engine room with him for him to be any chance of influencing many games.

Slippery Morris

First Grade
Jackson Ford was no world beater whilst at Saints and look at him now. Under Hooks watch the juniors that left turned out OK but the guys he signed and then moved on are proving to be duds like Maguire who finished his 8 week suspension in England, Burgess unsighted, Gosziewski etc.

It will be interesting to see how Kerr does go as he was at the Saints during both Mary and Hooks years and both coaches did not really give him too much of a run, Hook more than Mary that is.


We should have re-signed him ourselves, he's coming into his best form. A really handy big body, with a great off-load and super quick play the ball. Damn shame but watch him kill it under Bennett. Just one more reason the switch to the Dolphins.


He's the only middle forward offloading the ball at the moment, has been having a good season. Shame to lose a point of difference