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Luke Brooks - Next Immortal?

Is Luke Brooks the next Immortal?

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The Enforcer

2013 Dally M player of the year and a certainty for a starting spot in the World Cup. If he can join the Sharks and bulk up a bit (a lot) and not get caught, he will be the best ever.
I have heard the Grand Final man of the match will now receive the Luke Brooks medal and also in the Super League their best will be The man of Brooks. Look out Vincent Lombardi.


He is what we have needed since Prince left,something for us supporters to look forward to after a crap year.


Luke Brooks headed to the Broncos? Benny Elias seems to think it would be a good match. The article makes an interesting point that with Woods, Moses, Tedesco, and Brooks the Tigers will have to let one of them go due to salary cap pressures. But if the Tigers don't start winning this year then the 'potential' tag is going to start wearing thin real quick for any potential suitor. If I had to let one of them go from what I've seen it would probably be Moses.

Guys also please don't throw at me "the Broncos fans think their entitled to any player they want" rubbish. I'm only quoting the article and not throwing ideas up from mid-air. Brooks probably should wait to see how he goes with the Tigers this year, if he plays out of his skin then I think he would be crazy to mess up a good thing by leaving.

"NSW Origin great Benny Elias says Tigers young gun Luke Brooks could be a superstar signing for a Broncos club that doesn’t appreciate Ben Hunt.

Elias, a former Wests Tigers director, applauded Hunt for signing a $6 million deal with the Dragons, claiming the Broncos don’t truly value his skill set that steered the club to the 2015 grand final.

Tigers duo Brooks and Mitchell Moses are the two most promising halves off-contract at a time when Broncos coach Wayne Bennett is weighing up how best to replace Hunt next season.

The Tigers are battling salary-cap pressures as they fight to retain their Big Four of Moses, Brooks, James Tedesco and Aaron Woods.

There is a sentiment one player must go and Elias concedes Bennett could turn the 22-year-old Brooks into an NRL superstar.

“Luke would be a fantastic signing for the Broncos,” said Elias, the uncle of Brooks’ halves partner Moses.

“Look, I hope Luke stays at the Tigers because he has the best years ahead of him, but with Mitchell, they are the best young playmakers on the market.

“Under Wayne Bennett, Luke would be an absolute superstar for the Broncos.

“I’m a big fan of him, he’s a terrific kid.

“Luke Brooks reminds me a lot of Ben Hunt. They are similar in the way they play, they are similar in stature, their footballing qualities are very similar so if Wayne can get him at a cheaper rate than Ben Hunt, it’s a good business deal.”



with Woods, Moses, Tedesco, and Brooks the Tigers will have to let one of them go due to salary cap pressures.
I doubt they'll be losing much sleep deciding which one. But if Wests can't afford to keep Brooks, how can the Broncos afford to buy him?


First Grade
I hope (but am not confident) that the Tigers are smart in how they do things here. The only bloke worth throwing money at is Tedesco. I would not pay overs for the other three...regardless of Moses late season progress.