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Match Discussion: Round 24 vs Gold Coast @ Sunshine Coast Stadium

Who will win? Round 24: Newcastle v Gold Coast

  • Newcastle Knights 13+

    Votes: 1 20.0%
  • Newcastle Knights 1-12

    Votes: 1 20.0%
  • Draw after Golden Point

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Gold Coast Titans 1-12

    Votes: 1 20.0%
  • Gold Coast Titans 13+

    Votes: 2 40.0%

  • Total voters
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Honestly wins like this show that we can be a really good team if we had even a semi competent attacking coach. The way the halves just give the ball to Barnett like it's muscle memory indicates to me this has been drilled into them adnausium by the coaching staff, unfortunately it just kills the play completely.
From what it looks like we've just drilled into the team from the start of preseason a very, very conservative possession and field position based game which just does not work under the new rules, I think they know that approach isn't really working but it's too late to just reset and forget everything that's been drilled into the team for the past 9 months.
Hopefully when they do the end of season review the first thing they do is fire Willie Peters and just watch what the good teams are doing and follow suit


I'm really proud of them tonight. Again, they found a way to win against a team that actually had everything to play for. We didn't go away, we didn't stop turning up. We're not going to transform our attack in a week, but there's a lot to be proud of there.

General Knight

Definitely gotta be proud of the whole team tonight. Well except for Mann. I just cant help but cringe everytime he has the ball. Even the missus who doesnt normally watch games and has no idea about the game watched tonight and asked me if Mann was a first time player.


Here's an uplifting stat for you.

2 of the last 3 weeks we have NOT conceded a try in the second half.

Can't understate how good that is for a club like us where D has never been a focus. Let alone under Vlandys ball, this is very impressive for us.


Our attack actually wasn’t too bad once we got down their end and held the ball. Must have been tackled <10 times in their 20m the whole match, but scored two tries.

Probably Best’s worst game he’s played in first grade. Though it’s criminal how he’s being used. I challenge you to find me a tackle bust, let alone a line break, he’s made the entire year when carting the ball up into 4 defenders on the 2nd or 3rd tackle.


First Grade
Can’t remember the last time our 1, 6, 7 and 9 have (arguably) been our best players in the same game.
Locked into 7th now, will be interesting to see how we handle next week. Maybe try a few things. Throw it around on a sunny Saturday arvo.