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New Sponsor


First Grade
Well done by management and our new sponsor, benefactors etc. Nice times

I’d say maybe a well done to our loyal posters on here as well - for all we know these guys have been reading the forum for years and the gripes about the state of the club. Hell they may have wanted to step in earlier, but had no faith in former management?
What’s next - upgraded toilets, speakers at the ground set to 7 instead of 11, any beer other that great northern, the list is endlesss…


The Leagues Club and Football Club are separate entities.
I would think the money is more for the Football Club.

As for how to spend it, I don’t think it’s important to see immediate return on investment. I’m more than happy for it to be used to sure up long term success.

It’s fairly apt that the money has come from an investment company. The analogy to investment strategy is that it’s like planting a tree: for the first few years you spend all your time watering it and fertilising it for seemingly no return.

But underneath the ground the roots are taking hold until, eventually, it takes off and grows at a rate of knots.

Pretty soon you can spend the rest of your life sitting in the shade under the tree drinking lemonade

That’s what I want for this club.

Look at the Panthers.
As much as Gus Gould was derided for his “5 year plan”, he, and the rest of the powerbrokers, were playing the long game.

They’ve set it up right, and now they’re a god damn juggernaut.

2012....Sharks Year

First Grade
There's the $12m fitout of the Leagues Club. They're getting a loan for it, that loan could now be $7m, or they could now use $17m.
Or, they could use the money for other investments.
These two in charge, Mace and Dino, seem to be the smartest execs the club has ever had.
Makes a massive difference now that we have successfull businessmen running the club rather than well intentioned supporters and old footballers. Onwards and up upwards.


What’s the cost of planning a new stadium about $5mill?? The rest to follow after that

2012....Sharks Year

First Grade
PVL is still pissed with the State government reniging on the local stadium funding. Lock in our Vegas game next year and let these tragics show just how tragic they are.
The is a great coup, we know where the Sharks would stay in Vegas next year if we get the gig.

Would be a great idea if club then made some deal where shark fans get discount to stay at the hotel as well, try to have all the shark fans at the Cosmopoltian.
Need to use this to benefit all parties

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