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NRL announces rule changes

Discussion in 'St George Illawarra Dragons' started by getsmarty, Dec 6, 2019.

  1. BLM01

    BLM01 First Grade

    Feb 6, 2016
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    It is both.
    1. I do not believe a bunker or video refs in sport is or will be the future. Sure have a replay. Let the on field officials who supposedly have a feell out on the field decide if they need a replay for determination. You can still put the KFC chicken on the screen during the process.
    2. The systems of how they adjuciate stretching and interpreting the rules to allow this and that believing only less penalties etc is for the good of the spectator sport. As a spectator I just want see a ref take control back again and stick to the rules that they teach and we know and supposedly abide be within reason.
    As you might of said they have tinkered too much with major parts of the game and rules believing on what would be a better TV version and I am not sure why.
    I thought it was good spectator sport in the 70's and 80's for the family the way it was. If the rules and the way the game is reffed was the same back then and we knew no different would we be whingeing.
    Minor changes because society evolves like punishing punching and protecting head stuff in todays world i accept to accoomdate modern thinking on medical / legal grounds..but

    They bow to him and he was a good on field ref but Bill Harrigan started this with the let the game flow stuff,....but at least he had the respect and controlled the players and speed of the game not taking any crap from players, trainers etc. The game ran with it but it has gone too far as overall nowadays the refs are too soft and accommodating to the players because of TV theatrics that the game wants.

    Sure a ref should let some sneaky things slide having a feel of the game and early on certain stuff like offside, playing the ball properly and back chat give warnings but when you are not listened to.....enough is enough and blow the pee out of it. The players and coaches will learn extremely quick.

    The now alllowance of slowing down the ruck and letting them all wriggle / struggle forever before calling held is the biggest blight on the game.at NRL level which was started by Bill coaching refs to call dominant, voluntary etc having to make a decision of time allowed to get off which brought in the wrestle....stretching of time to get up.which again the NRL ran with has now allowed to go to far.
    Sorry Willow back to work around the house...I went off on another daily rant.
  2. SEAT 1A

    SEAT 1A Juniors

    Jul 27, 2008
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    What a load of hogwash, the wrestle is horrible to watch.

    Instead of getting rid of it, lets make up some new ones so it shows we are trying.
  3. BrissyRedV

    BrissyRedV Bench

    Feb 23, 2013
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    The only rule that needed changing was how quickly refs call held and how quick the the tackling players need to release. Doing that would reduce the third man in play, decrease the deliberate tangle/wrestle and increase the speed of the game. Reducing interchange is not the way to reintroduce fatigue, increasing the speed of the play the ball is the way to go along with decreasing the amount of stoppages, which this coaches challenge will increase.
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  4. 2010

    2010 Bench

    Feb 11, 2016
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    Bring back the cattle dog,

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