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OT - Off-season Fun Times We Are All Friends Thread


It starts when you post a good hypothetical or mindblowing fact. I don’t feel the time dilation post got quite reaction it deserves. Like you could have an explosion on one side and a sinkhole next to it with a poofteenth between them, and that poofteenth is the entirety of EVERYTHING
No wuckers, mate.


Hypothetical time!
There’s one ant for each person on the planet. Each ant is mystically linked to a specific person and if the ant touches the skin of that specific person, then that person dies and the ant is granted a wish. This is the only way people can die, they are otherwise immortal.
Only you and the ants are aware of the rules and you are not allowed to tell anyone else.
What do you do?
It would largely depend on the ramifications of the ants' wishes.

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