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Race to the finals.


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Gee, it looks a long way off at the moment.

Tight ladder. Two weeks ago we were above Manly.
Then we drew with them and then lost to the Dragons.
They went on to beat the Titans.
They are now in 5th spot while we wallow in 10th.
We desperately need to win games and the Titans are not going to be easy.


I am very worried about the Titans game esp as we are heavy favourites

However it’s still early in the season and if we win a few in a row we can be in the top 4.

we desperately need injured players back esp. Walker and Niukore

Beavers Headgear

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Warriors have the big bonus I think of the tougher part of their draw being around Origin time where they may be able to pick some sides off minus key players

The draw last week means for both sides that the points differential is all but non existent in terms of importance, although could both finish around the same number to decide a position based on it, what you do find though is the odd number can either be a help or a hindrance and make the week to week position on the latter more volitile


I just have the feeling that whatever the Titans are playing like, we beat them with ease? Might not be historically quite the case, but feels like they're on team we continually dominate

Regardless, I think Penrith, Melbourne and Brisbane, all things being equal, are a step ahead of the rest