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    A centre of honesty is what Parra needs first.
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    Good......wish that Greg Hartley had of organised it for us ....
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    Wests Tigers confirm ISP and Jersey Flegg squads

    Wests Tigers have confirmed the Intrust Super Premiership and Jersey Flegg (U/20’s) squads for the 2018 season with a number of new players set to feature.

    Craig Wilson will coach Wests Tigers Jersey Flegg side in 2018 as part of a new, state-based pathways competition, with previous experience in junior development and coaching at both the Parramatta Eels and Cronulla Sharks. Wilson played 150 First Grade Games for the North Sydney Bears, South Queensland Crushers and Illawarra Steelers between 1991 and 1998 before heading to the UK, joining Gateshead in 1999 and finishing his playing career with Hull FC in 2000.

    Wests Tigers Life Member and Premiership Winner Brett Hodgson will coach the Intrust Super Premiership side in 2018, participating as the Western Suburbs Magpies. Hodgson returned to Wests Tigers as a part of the club’s coaching staff this season, having spent the past few years as an Assistant Coach at the Widnes Vikings in Super League.

    Both sides have trained well in the preseason that commenced in the second week of November in preparation for the season ahead.

    Wests Tigers’ four Development List players — Dylan Smith, Heath Gibbs, Sam McIntyre and Thomas Mikaele — all train with the full-time squad and will feature in the Jersey Flegg and Intrust Super Premiership competitions.

    The 2018 season will officially get underway for both sides on Saturday, March 10 when they take on the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs with the Intrust Super Premiership team in action at ANZ Stadium and Jersey Flegg at Campbelltown Sports Stadium.

    Official draws for both competitions will be confirmed by NSWRL in the coming weeks.

    Alatanu Wright
    Alex Seyfarth
    Ben Seufale
    Ben Stevanovic
    Bennett Wheelhouse
    Bill Stapleton
    Byron Pinkerton
    Connelly Leumelu
    Curtis Wilson
    Edward Carter
    Gus Garzaniti
    Harrison Leonard
    Henry Lealuga-Puhotau
    Israel Seufale
    Jake Scott
    James Tautaiolefua
    Jarrod Spicer
    Jesse Allan
    Jonothan Talamaivao
    Josh Bermingham
    Kane McQuiggin
    Kiani Marshall
    Liam Pakau
    Lucas Castle
    Max Burey
    Moana Matakaiongo
    Nathan Tui
    Peter Pakoti
    Pulonga Kavaefiaifi
    Riley Cheshire
    Rua Ngati
    Shrondre Lee-Silva
    Will Lawson
    Coach: Craig Wilson
    Assistant: Gary Burgess

    Bayley Faull
    Bayley Sironen
    Braden Robson
    Cowen Epere
    Harry O’Toole
    Joseph Ratu
    Judd Hanlon
    Jye Challenor
    Lucas Price
    Luke Garner
    Patrice Siolo
    Toni Tali
    Watson Heleta
    Coach: Brett Hodgson
    Assistant: John Skandalis
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    Tigers coach Ivan Cleary opens up about Moses Suli and club’s new culture
    Paul Crawley, The Daily Telegraph
    February 1, 2018 7:49pm

    IVAN Cleary has no regrets about Moses Suli’s stunning exit off the Wests Tigers bus, declaring “we did our best but in the end I guess you can only lead a horse to water”.

    In the wake of the talented 19-year-old’s switch to Canterbury, Cleary has opened up to The Daily Telegraph about why Suli just didn’t fit the new culture he is driving.

    Cleary also spoke about the challenge ahead for Luke Brooks with Josh Reynolds and Benji Marshall looking over his shoulder, while admitting Tui Lolohea is no guarantee of owning the No 1 jumper.

    For years the Tigers have had problems relating to players playing by their own rules and undermining the coach but those days are gone.

    Cleary didn’t want to go over what happened in the past but was direct about how it would be going forward.

    “I can only say what is happening now,” Cleary said.

    “We certainly have a set of standards and a level of respect that is necessary for what we are trying to build and the team we are trying to create and what all the others players here are doing in terms of creating a standard.”

    He said Suli’s exit was a “long time coming to be honest”.

    “We did our best but in the end I guess you can only lead a horse to water,” he said.

    “This was not a one off.

    “I won’t go into detail but I will be very clear that we did everything we could.

    “That was in conjunction with his manager and his family.

    “But in the end it just didn’t work out.

    “I hope he finds what he is looking for.”

    That aside, Cleary said the pre-season had been “really enjoyable” with a stack of new faces helping to create a whole new vibe.

    Reynolds, Marshall, Russell Packer, Ben Matulino, Cleary said you just couldn’t fault any of their attitudes.

    New Wests Tigers recruit Josh Reynolds. Pic, Sam Ruttyn
    “We have a lot of new players,” he said.

    “The reality of that is it is going to take a bit of time for that to gel but they have all come here with a good attitude and they have trained hard.

    “I guess your window of measurement comes when you are playing games so hopefully we can see that sort of stuff on the field.”

    Cleary is still to announce who will replace Aaron Woods as captain and it sounds like that responsibility could be shared.

    “Well, there is more to it than meets the eye, put it that way,” he joked.

    “I don’t want to make a big deal about it but we will announce what we will do shortly.

    “The truth is nothing has been announced to the group yet.”

    Cleary is also keeping an open mind about several positions, including who takes James Tedesco’s spot.

    Asked if Lolohea had the fullback spotted locked up, he responded: “There is a lot of positions that I honestly haven’t settled on.

    “The team that gets picked for the first round may not necessarily be the same that ends up being our best team by the end of the year.
    Clearly is keeping an open mind on who replaces James Tedesco.
    “It is fair to say that position (fullback) is one of those.

    “It is very competitive and we have genuine depth.

    “One of the first things I noticed when I got here last year is that we didn’t have (depth).

    “Some players don’t necessarily want people breathing down their necks but it is actually good for them.

    “And if you do get injuries hopefully it is not going to derail you.”

    There is plenty of expectation to see how Brooks goes this year with the experience of Reynolds and Marshall to call on.

    “The goal for Luke is just to do his job for the team each week,” Cleary said.

    “His role as a halfback is to control our team.

    “He has certainly got ability.

    “That is undoubted.

    “Like many young halves they go from junior football into senior football and it is a totally different game for many of them.

    “I think Luke has had to learn that on the job.

    “The role we have him playing now is a little more oriented towards controlling it rather than steering it between his other halve.

    “He has trained really well.

    “He is one of those kids who has always had troubles with injuries from the data I have.

    “But he is fit and strong and looking really good.

    “He has certainly put himself in a good position to have a good season.

    “Josh Reynolds is an easy one because he is who he is and what you see is what you get.

    “He is very competitive and he is motivated and he does his best every day.

    “I am looking forward to seeing him in a Wests Tigers jumper.”

    As he is to having Marshall back.

    “He just looks happy to be here,” Cleary said.

    “For a guy that has done so much, not just in the game but at this club, it is a nice link to the past.

    “But he is also really keen and positive about contributing as much as he can to the future.”
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    Very positive signs. Now to walk the walk.
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    Geez I hope we win some games this year because the team just seems a lot more likable.
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    you can call me a fool..

    you can call me a communist..

    but you can never call me off topic...
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    reads like Ivan is considering Reynolds playing some of the game at hooker.

    NRL 2018: Josh Reynolds puts team first in step up to Wests Tigers co-captaincy

    Chris Barrett
    February 18 2018 - 7:00PM

    Josh Reynolds is vowing to lead by example as a co-captain at Wests Tigers, endeavouring to be a calming influence for his new team rather than the player who at times "lost his head" at Canterbury.

    The Tigers recruit was last week announced as one of five co-captains in Ivan Cleary's side, sharing the leadership duties with Chris Lawrence, Elijah Taylor, Russell Packer and Benji Marshall.

    There was an evening of firsts for the 28-year-old in Cairns on Saturday night. He ran out in a top-grade club game for the first time in colours other than blue and white, sat around in darkness as a blackout delayed the start of the trial against North Queensland, and also delivered his first-ever pre-match speech.

    Reynolds said he was proud to have been given the role by his new coach but knew it came with responsibilities, chief among them trying to rise above the kind of heat-of-the-battle ill-discipline that has let the former NSW State of Origin five-eighth down in the past.

    "I'm no going to lie - it's a pretty big honour for me. I never probably got looked at like that at the Bulldogs and that was fine," Reynolds said of the captaincy after being one of the Tigers' best in a 30-16 victory over the Cowboys.

    "I was just happy to do my thing. But to come here and for Ivan to put me in that group, it's very special. I'm very proud and I'm definitely going to do the best I can to put my two cents in and help the team any way I can.

    "In the past I've lost my head in games, and I'm happy to say that. But I definitely think that having this role, at stages, I've got to be the calm one. I've got to be the person that the boys go 'if he's calm, then we can be'.

    "It's something I'm definitely going to have to work on because it's a bit new to me but I'm happy to do my best to do that because all the best players are calm at the right moments. At stages, I might have to talk to the ref. The refs are normal human beings. You've got to talk to them with respect like you want them to talk to you. It's going to be something different for me, but I'm ready for it. I'm excited."

    The Tigers are listed at odds of $81 to win the competition - and $6 to even make the top eight - making them the most unfancied team in the NRL three weeks away from round one.

    Reynolds, though, is nothing if not competitive and he was eager to get his message across about what can be achieved this season when he followed Lawrence and addressed the team for the first time as a captain.

    "Every time I talk I just try and talk from the heart, man. These boys you're about to go into battle with, they're the ones that need to be by your side," he said.

    "We're a new team ... I just want us to get really excited about that. I don't want the boys to forget that we've got a really good opportunity to make a really good culture at the club."

    As evidence of Reynolds' team-first ethos, he said he had no issue with being deployed on occasion at hooker, as he was for a while during the trial outing in the far north.

    "Ivan mentioned it to me during the pre-season and I'm happy with that. I'm not sort of one of those guys who has a tantrum or spits the dummy because 'I only play five-eighth'," he said.

    "I'm happy to do whatever is best for the team. I've done it before, it wasn't that different. It's pretty cool in there, when the big boys get a bit tired, I can get in there and try and speed up the ruck a bit.

    "If I have to move to another spot to accommodate for someone else, that's just how it is.

    "I definitely want to be the five-eighth here and I feel that I'm filling that role really well, but on the other hand I'm not that guy who's going to say 'no' if he needs me in that hooker role."

    This story was found at: http://www.smh.com.au/rugby-league/...wests-tigers-cocaptaincy-20180218-h0w9do.html
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    Yeah interesting. I think we might see Benji come on when the 9 needs a rest and Grub go in there
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    Hopefully only for the first few rounds to ease Liddle in. In an ideal world i reckon Liddle playing 80 consistent minutes would benefit our team the best
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    I heard liddle will be back r5
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    Round 5??? That doesn't sound good as you would expect it would take another two or three week to get match fit and ready for the NRL. We need his flair badly around the rucks
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    NRL 2018: Wests Tigers co-captain Benji Marshall preparing for tears on return
    Adam Pengilly
    February 22 2018 - 6:15PM

    It will be a 1646-day wait Benji Marshall wishes he never had to endure. The Tigers' favourite son insists he will shed tears the first time he pulls on a black and gold jumper again as he brushed off suggestions he will be a bit-part player at his old club.

    Father-to-be Marshall, whose wife Zoe is expecting their first child any day, will skip the Tigers' final trial against the Sharks this weekend, instead hoping to be included for the opening-round blockbuster against James Tedesco's Roosters without any pre-season minutes under his belt.

    And it hasn't stopped the 32-year-old contemplating the prospect of wearing a Tigers jersey for the first time since 2013.

    "It will be emotional," Marshall told Fairfax Media. "I've already thought about it and I get a little bit teary when I think about it because it's been so long.

    "It was no secret I didn't really want to leave when I left anyway. To have the opportunity to come back again is probably something I never thought would happen. I don't know what's going to happen at the time, but you get older and you start getting more emotional."

    A candid Marshall – who last week was named as one of five Tigers co-captains alongside Russell Packer, Josh Reynolds, Chris Lawrence and Elijah Taylor – has stressed to coach Ivan Cleary he wants to make a major on-field contribution in 2018 as well as nurture the Tigers' young cubs.

    Luke Brooks and Canterbury recruit Reynolds will be given first shot at the base of the Tigers' scrum, but Marshall said he is ready for any role Cleary might throw his way after filling in at hooker for the Broncos under Wayne Bennett last year.

    Marshall was the first to concede he was stunned when Cleary asked him to be one of the Tigers' five co-captains, but it wouldn't detract from his ambition to be a regular on-field fixture.

    "I even said, 'are you sure [about the co-captaincy]?' When he sat down and explained to me why and the effect I had on the group and the way I led throughout the pre-season ... I was actually proud," Marshall said. "It was a very humbling moment to obviously come back into a side at 32, turning 33, and get a responsibility like that.

    "I said it to Ivan when I came here my goal is to contribute on the field and not off the field. I'm going to do it anyway regardless of whether I play or not, but I'm going to be putting pressure on you to have to select me by [my] performances."

    Brooks has been given a licence to roam either side of the field in attack with Reynolds – and potentially Marshall – to act as a foil to the Tigers' general who has assumed extra responsibility under Cleary.

    Brooks is one of the few constants in a Tigers squad almost unrecognisable from last year, with Marshall, Reynolds, Packer, Ben Matulino and Chris McQueen heading a host of recruits to arrive at Concord.

    While Marshall played down suggestions he could bob up on the field at the same time as Brooks and Reynolds, he was more candid about the No.7's influence over the Tigers and offered to put his hand up to wear the No.9 if required.

    "The way I do see it with Luke and Josh at the moment is, it's a great opportunity for Luke to control the game at first receiver – it doesn't matter what side," Marshall said. "He's been pigeonholed on the left for however many years and he can roam anywhere he wants and play off the back of it.

    "I think Josh's best game is when he sees a quick play-the-ball and just brings energy doing what he does. If I get the opportunity to come in and fit in there somewhere ... that's been my best game as well letting the halfback organise.

    "Injuries happen, things change ... I found that out at Brisbane. You can get thrown in the deep end pretty quickly. If I have to [play hooker I will]."

    This story was found at: http://www.smh.com.au/rugby-league/...ring-for-tears-on-return-20180222-h0whl8.html
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    NRL 2018: Wests Tigers' Corey Thompson describes fullback role as 'perfect' before potential clash with James Tedesco's Sydney Roosters

    He's the smallest and perhaps least celebrated out of a string of summer arrivals, but replacing James Tedesco in the Tigers No.1 jersey and then lining up against him in the opening round is doing little to faze surprise fullback frontrunner Corey Thompson.

    The pint-sized 27-year-old, who rose to prominence as a member of the Bulldogs' grand final side in 2014 before a two-year switch to the Super League, is favoured to edge out Tui Lolohea as Ivan Cleary's fullback to start the season.

    Thompson's recruitment has barely created a blip compared to the arrivals of Josh Reynolds, Benji Marshall, Russell Packer, Chris McQueen and Ben Matulino, but he could prove one of the Tigers' shrewdest signings.

    He was a standout in the trial loss to the Sharks on the weekend, with Cleary asking Lolohea to play in an Intrust Super Premiership curtain-raiser.

    Having spent the majority of his top-grade career on the wing, Thompson was quick to point out he had played most of his football in his younger days at fullback and would relish the opportunity to return there.

    "Fullback is perfect and there's no excuses," Thompson said. "You can pop up anywhere and join the team where you like. People say, 'You're not as tall as the other wingers', but it doesn't bother me. If I play my best and do my job it's not going to be a factor.

    "I knew I could still give the NRL a crack and I didn't want to sit in England and miss playing back home. I had a good first year in England and the second year I was just watching all my mates playing back home in the atmosphere and competitiveness of the NRL. I spoke to my manager and we were lucky enough to come to the Tigers."

    If Thompson is given the nod for the opening round against the premiership favourites, he could be one of up to six Tigers debutants to run out at ANZ Stadium.

    Lolohea was thought to be the natural No.1 choice for Cleary, but the fact the Tigers have registered their interest in off-contract Warriors ace Roger Tuivasa-Sheck suggests nothing is set in stone, which means they could well turn to one of the smallest men in the game to fill the role in the interim for a baptism of fire against Tedesco's Roosters.

    "Tui's a great fullback and he's a gun on the field, but I'm going to do all I can to get on the field whether it be on the wing, centre, fullback ... wherever," Thompson said.

    "I'm going to train my hardest and play my hardest to try to get a spot. The amount of good backs we have here everyone is pushing each other hard to get a spot and that should make the team better.
    "I was at the Bulldogs when [Tedesco] was at the Tigers and it was difficult to play against him. You would kick-chase and somehow he would beat five of you and then he would be off down the field."

    Tedesco starred for the Roosters with a two-try blitz within the space of five second-half minutes in a narrow trial win over Manly on Saturday night, sounding an ominous warning to his former employers.
    "I pulled up well," Tedesco told the Roosters' website. "The body felt good and I felt pretty fit. There's a lot to improve on, but it's a good starting point."

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    This guy is fast becoming one of our best ever and he hasn't played a game in anger yet.

    Josh Reynolds reveals surprise role to get Benji Marshall involved in Wests Tigers’ revamped attack
    Wests Tigers

    Josh Reynolds of the Tigers celebrates with teammates.Source: Getty Images
    WESTS Tigers recruit Josh Reynolds has revealed the surprise role he could play in Ivan Cleary’s revamped attack in 2018.

    And it’s designed to allow veteran playmaker Benji Marshall into the side in what could be his final year in the NRL.

    Reynolds is the club’s star signing and he’ll slot into the halves alongside club junior Luke Brooks.

    But that leaves Marshall as the odd man out, as even Cleary isn’t clever enough to squeeze three players into two jerseys.

    But Marshall certainly won’t be out in the cold altogether.

    There’s still a question mark over the Tigers’ No. 9 jumper, but it appears Matt McIllwrick will occupy it at least until youngster Jacob Liddle recovers from off-season shoulder surgery.

    And if Marshall starts on the bench, he will enter the play in place of McIllwrick, jumping into either a hooker or five-eighth role.

    “Ivan’s already had a word to me about this ... hopefully I’m the starting six ... but obviously you want Benji in the team,” Reynolds said.

    “At some stage Ivan wants all three of us to be on the field at one time, and Ivan has actually said to me I’ll go into hooker at stages.

    “I’m fine with that. The last couple of trials I went in for 10 or 15 minutes.

    “I’ve done it before when I was young, and even when I was lucky enough to get into the Origin arena I was coming off the bench in a bit of a hooking role.

    “So it’s nothing new to me. I’m not going to say to Ivan I only want to play five-eighth because whatever is best for the team I’ll do.”

    Marshall’s role within the club has been the subject of debate since he signed with the club he won a premiership with in 2005.

    But Reynolds’ comments make it clear Cleary plans to have Marshall in his best 17.

    And Reynolds himself has been reinvigorated by the move from Belmore to Concord in the off-season.

    He says he’s loving life at the Tigers, having been stifled by Des Hasler’s attacking style at the Bulldogs over the past two years.

    Now Cleary has revamped the way Reynolds plays, which in turn is designed to spark the Wests Tigers’ attack.

    “At the Dogs Des used to split the halves and we would control one side each. At the Tigers Brooksy has pretty much taken the role of steering the ship around, and I’m sort of playing out the back of him and popping up wherever need be,” Reynolds said.

    “Playing on both sides of the field has added a new dimension to my game. I’m having a lot of fun.

    “Don’t get me wrong, there’s been a couple of hiccups ... I’ve missed being somewhere I’m meant to be. But I’m still learning and we’re still learning as a team.

    “I think the structure suits my game a bit more than (the Bulldogs) did.”

    The Tigers kick off their season proper on Saturday week against the Roosters.

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    One of our best ever? How do you quantify that statement?
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    How the leadership of Russell Packer is driving the Wests Tigers bus
    Wests Tigers

    Tigers forward Russell Packer in action.Source: News Corp Australia
    IN the halcyon days of the 1980s it was personalities like Steve Roach, Les Davidson, Craig Young and Mark Geyer.

    Enforcers who more often than not left the opposition sleeping with one eye open the night before and after a match.

    Shift into the 1990s and it was names like Paul Harragon, Mark Carroll, David Gillespie and Gorden Tallis.

    Genuine characters splashed with a dash of villain who made an afternoon on the Sydney wharves or a shift down the mines look like easy work.

    “In saying that, we’ve got a pretty fair pack ourselves. I guess we’ve got that bit of underdog mentality. I know that will be no different going into the Storm game.

    “We’ve got to rely on the pack I guess. We’ve got to work hard together. It’s worked for a game, the blue print is there.

    “It’s a hard one but hopefully we can all do our roles and that can be good enough to help for a team win.”

    Right there underlines why Tigers coach Ivan Cleary opted for Packer in his leadership group.

    Club first, team second, individual third.

    You only need to listen to him talk about Cleary and his strengths as an NRL coach to get an insight into why.

    “For whatever reason he seems to bring out the best in people. He gives them space to grow and be their own person,” Packer said.

    “Which I think is important in a team. There’s so many different characters throughout the game.

    “The best teams allow individual personalities to come through.

    “I reckon that can create a really good culture put together in the right way and Ivan’s got a really good blue print for that.”

    No one will give the Wests Tigers a hope against Melbourne in Billy Slater’s 300th NRL game.

    When you see the world the way Packer does, it matters little.

    Packer won’t top the Tigers run-metres but his role is still just as important as what Slater, Cameron Smith or Cameron Munster will bring for the Storm.

    He has that genuine, old-school fear factor which is harder and harder to find in the modern game.
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    If anyone watched the last ep of this day forward, When the team got into the group huddle for our game against the Rorters, Packer was doing all the talking and it sounded purposeful. Can see why he’s in the leadership group

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