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Rd. 15 v Knights


Sorrenson isn’t going as well this year as he has in the past, maybe Father Time is catching up on him
I think his injuries are impacting him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is playing with a couple of niggles at the moment


I'd certainly be starting Garner for the moment, he has gone from being a serviceable, reliable workhorse to starting to find his lines and get a bit more dominant with his defence, he is our best edge on form, but more suited to 17 when Martin & Sorro are patched up. Martin needs the rest more than Sorro at the moment so I'd stick with Sorro through the Origin period (3 more games) and then look to give him an extra week off after our last bye.


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Going to be a real tough game. Beanies for brain cancer game. Mark Hughes being a Newey old boy. Their emotion levels will be real high.

Penrith hit with a couple of new injuries of Kenny, Gardner, and Cole.

Not going to be much in it. BS has impressed so far. It's time Brad to show us your good stuff tomorrow.

Chins get the wins

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Sucks Cole is out hes just been getting better and better.

Looking forward to seeing Sommerton have a crack
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This is a danger game for me.

I haven't been overly impressed with Schneider this year. But I've loved how Laui has played at 7, and how Cole has been complimented him.

Question marks remain over the fitness of Edwards and Martin. Are they 100% good to go? Or just playing to get picked for Origin? Hopefully it's the former.

I like Sommerton as a player, but he's no Big Game Mitch.

Hopefully this is the game that Tago sorts his shit out. Nothing would please me more than him tearing Bradman Best a new one.

Unfortunately won't get to see the game until tomorrow. Hopefully can go spoiler free

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