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Rd11: 735pm EELS v Raiders GAME DAY THREAD @ GIO Stadium 13/5/23

Poupou Escobar

Post Whore
That's the thing, it's been set up so that he's our only back up half. We have a few good half's coming through but JA's blocking them
If he’s our only backup half he’s not blocking anyone. You can have more than one. His halves partner in reserve grade isn’t even top 30. He’s certainly not on a development contract. As soon as anyone else is ready they can slot straight in. If they were good enough they could join our top thirty this year.

Gary Gutful

Post Whore

The Tackle: Brad Arthur is wrong to blame referees for Parramatta’s free fall after latest NRL defeat​

Parramatta coach Brad Arthur teed off on the referees after his side fell to their seventh defeat of the season – but he’s kidding himself if he can’t see who is really at fault, writes Paul Crawley.
Paul Crawley
Crawley has at least 200 more wrinkles since that photo was taken.

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