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Rd3 2024: Non Parra games


Post Whore

I think with BA the time to move on was after 2020.
2014 was a fail as we had a good squad, the Dally M.winner and only needed to beat Newcastle or Canberra to make finals and got blown away in both games. Fans will argue but huge fail.
2015 we had a million dollar hole in our cap due to Hayne 2016 Salary cap dramas so can't gauge those years.

2017 we bombed out against Cowboys and should of won but I give a pass.

2018 was a ridiculous failure

2019 we got belted 32-0 in a final

2020 we blew a big leads against Souths

At this point we should of moved on.
I see it like this in big games.

2014 to make top 8
Knights 44-12 D
Canberra 33-20 D

Storm a 18-16 A - performance
Cowboys h 24-16 C+

Brisbane h 58 - 0 B+ Win against 8th at home
Storm A 32-0 D

Storm A 36 - 24 B
South 38-24 C+

Knights 28-20 H C
Penrith 8-6 A

Penrith A 27- 8 C+
Canberra H 40-4 B
Penrith - 28- 12

So in finals we've had 12 games for 4 wins in finals and 4/14 if count the two that whwrr like finals in 2014. .
Those wins come against Newcastle,Brisbane,Canberra,Cowboys.

Canberra and Brisbane who finished 8th

Knights who finished 7th -143 points differential. We only scraped thru in that.
And the Cowboys who many said had a soft draw.

8/14 games we where not in them with 15-20mins to go.

These are just plain FACTS


Wasn't Hughes,Munster,Nelson out and a few injuries also?
Funny thing they could be 0/3 but they have fight
Bellamy teams don't roll over i still expect them to be top 4.

But its not like they are unstoppable like some Storm sides of the past have been.

If we bring our A game we should be beating them.

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