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Rd6 2024: Non Parra games


Interestingly enough a Raiders player inside the 10 metres from the drop out and came in contact with the play for the Raiders try.

I doubt this rule will ever be enforced again to be honest.
What's the rule though is it a penalty straight up if they are not back 10 or can they go behind the line after the kick🤔


Well I have no idea just as much as the NRL 😂

Lussick btw was on the line when the ball was kicked..
Yes, he had one foot on the line, which I assume you need to have both feet behind the line, hence the penalty. No one would know because no one has ever been penalised for it before.

However, the moment the ball was kicked and he took his foot off the line and headed towards the ball, he was then behind the line, before then heading across field and towards the try line.